If you have been wondering how online school works, San Diego Virtual School can help answer all of your questions. Online schooling has numerous benefits for students, their families, and teachers. It has the most flexibility out of any schooling option and can actually be a more effective learning option for some students.

Ready to get started with online schooling? Knowing how to do online school will help you to make the right decision for your children. Every child is unique and learns best under different circumstances. San Diego Virtual School helps by providing additional avenues for learning. Give us a call or contact us today with questions or to get started!


San Diego Virtual School works just like most other schools in that students enroll, take courses to fulfill requirements, and graduate with a legitimate and nationally recognized high school diploma. Of course, as a virtual school, we do offer our students some unique experiences and specialized skills that students in a traditional school do not have access to. The most important aspects of how our school works include everything being online, a completely free education, teacher-supported learning, flexible scheduling, and a thorough commitment to student success.

Free Online School Have you found yourself asking, “How much is online school?” San Diego Virtual School is a free public charter school. Since this is a public program, the same funding used for traditional students can be used for online students; therefore, there is no fee for taking online courses for most students.

Students that want to get ahead or need additional opportunities for learning are great candidates for online learning. Having the option will increase the success of students as you look for the best kind of education for your child. Even if you’re not sure what virtual school is, inquiring about it is the first step to finding the best education your child can get.

Everything is Online It works just like a traditional middle and high school, except everything is online. You can log in and access your courses from home, the public library, or anywhere there is a computer and internet access. Being able to access courses anytime and anywhere enables students to learn in an environment that is convenient for them. Students that have these options available to them get to choose the learning environment that will help them focus on their studying, which may result in earning better grades and learning more in less time.

Some students prefer to work in quiet, solitary areas like their bedroom or an office, while other students may enjoy the soft, ambient noise of a library. Each student has unique needs and preferences. The better these needs can be met, the more effective their learning will be.

Teacher-Supported Learning California-certified teachers are available on-demand via phone, email, or instant message. Teachers are available Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Our teachers even have a virtual online whiteboard to visually explain concepts to you.

Commitment to Student Success We are committed to the success of every student. Our teachers work directly with you to help orient you into your online classes and answer any questions. It’s important to everyone at San Diego Virtual School that your child gets the best possible education in circumstances and environments that help them to get the most out of their online school experience.

Flexible Scheduling Online schooling is highly flexible when it comes to scheduling. Curriculum and guidelines still need to be followed and students are expected to complete a full course load each semester, but students can work at their own pace. Unlike traditional schooling, you do not need to be awake at a specific time and don’t need to attend classes on a predetermined schedule. Online schooling enables the ultimate freedom for students.

Families that are structured and help students learn in an efficient and effective manner can help students to work ahead of schedule. Students who use online schooling may end up progressing further and faster than their peers who do not utilize the benefits of online schooling.

With a flexible schooling schedule, students can have more options when it comes to planning out their day, weeks, and months. In addition, students will have a better chance at finding part-time work (where applicable) because their schedule is a lot more flexible than those who are strictly unavailable during standard school hours.


Have you been wondering how online school works for kids and teens in middle and high school? Have you been thinking about learning how to enroll in online school but aren’t sure where to start? San Diego Virtual School allows students to access their courses from the comfort of their own home or anywhere with internet access. Because our courses are 100% online, you will experience a flexibility that the traditional, structured classroom environment cannot offer. It’s not difficult to learn how to do online school, and here at SDVS, we’d love to help you learn! Our virtual school offers a number of benefits to all of our students, and the entire process is simple to learn and easy to do. So if you’ve been thinking about virtual learning and have been wondering, “How does online school work?” or “How much is online school?” look no further than San Diego Virtual School.


When you’re ready to begin the process of enrollment, you should get in touch with SDVS. You can begin the enrollment form on our website, where you will enter some personal information, such as your name, zip code, birth date, and last grade completed. Our enrollment specialists will contact you after you submit this information and we have verified your eligibility to attend our school. We can walk you through each part of our enrollment form, or you’re welcome to complete it on your own time and without assistance. You’ll need important information about the student who is enrolling, such as transcripts from previous schools and address confirmation. If you still have questions about how to enroll in online school or you need help filling out the enrollment application, get in touch with us now.


As an accredited online public high school, we follow the guidelines of the state of California when it comes to curriculum and graduation requirements. Our online high school curriculum requires our students to complete all of their core classes throughout the entirety of their online education. These courses include English, mathematics, science, and social studies. High school students also must take a specified number of hours of health, physical education, foreign language, and visual and performing arts. They also have access to a wide variety of electives to allow them to take courses that interest them, that can help them learn new skills, or to prepare themselves for the workforce or college.


To start the process of learning how online school works, you first need to take a look at the requirements to enroll at SDVS. You must be a middle or high school student in sixth through twelfth grade, and you must live in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, or Imperial County. You’ll speak with an enrollment specialist and will fill out our enrollment forms online, after which you’ll receive confirmation of your enrollment. If at that point, you’re still asking, “How does online school work?” you’re welcome to speak with an advisor to ask your questions and get advice on what to do next, what courses you should be registering for, and how to be successful as a virtual learner. You will register for your core classes, like English, math, science, and social studies, and then you’ll select the electives you want or need to take to fulfill your graduation requirements. During the entirety of your time at SDVS, you’ll be in communication with your teachers, advisors, and peers, and you will always have access to additional help, quality resources, and our online platform that will help you succeed. It shouldn’t be overwhelming to learn how to do online school, so be sure to ask any questions you have to aid you in the most successful and enjoyable online learning experience.