SDVS Courses

Our flexible curriculum gives you access to a comprehensive course selection designed to meet state standards. We assign a counselor to partner with you and your parents to custom fit the perfect curriculum for you, solving your unique education needs today and increasing your success potential for the future.

Below is a list of courses offered by the San Diego Virtual School program for middle and high school.

Benefits of Online Courses

San Diego Virtual School has been created to help meet a need within the San Diego community and surrounding areas. Not all students learn the best in a traditional classroom setting. Not all families are capable of meeting state requirements for attendance in a traditional school setting. With online courses, students with different learning habits, students that want to enter the workforce sooner, and families that have challenging schedules can all benefit from SDVS online courses.

At SDVS you get to pick when and how fast you learn. While students still need to meet the same academic standards as everyone else, you have much greater freedom and flexibility over your academics, how and when you learn, and more.

Are you looking to learn more about San Diego online high school courses? Contact San Diego Virtual School today at 619.713.7271 or contact us online to learn more about online courses in San Diego. We have the most comprehensive list of San Diego High School courses. Online education options are available for families that need better flexibility and control over their educational schedule.

Course Categories

At San Diego Virtual School, we want to provide only the best online middle school and online high school classes in San Diego. This means that our courses and classes not only have to meet and exceed state standards, but must have a variety of course categories to cover standards in addition to individual student interests.

  • English/Language Arts - From English to Language Arts, students will be able to improve upon their literacy skills through reading, writing and communication.
  • Mathematics - Improve basic mathematics skills with Pre-Algebra or Algebra and all the way up to challenging courses for students with Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and more.
  • Science - We provide a variety of courses in the Sciences, including Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and more.
  • History/Social Science - Learn about the history of the United States and the world through American History, World Geography, World History, U.S. Government, Economics, and more.
  • Language Other Than English (LOTE) - Improve communication skills in an additional, common language: Spanish.
  • Health & Physical Education - Allow students to develop a better understanding of their health and to establish good health practices through Physical Education and Personal Health and Safety courses.
  • Electives - Allow students to take online high school classes by picking and choosing from electives, a wide range of courses to meet different needs and interests. Electives include Game Development, Personal Finance, Anthropology, Nutrition and more.
  • Visual and Performing Arts- Allow students to partake in creative visual and performing arts classes.

No matter what your child is interested in, SDVS provides a myriad of different courses to meet and surpass state standards. We not only want your child to excel at their academics and studies, but also aim to help them enjoy the learning process by providing courses that are interesting, engaging, and challenging.