High School Elective Courses

While many students enjoy particular subjects more than others, such as English or science, most students will agree that electives are their favorite classes. This rings true whether the student attends a traditional school or an online school like SDVS. Online elective courses in high school allow students to take courses on topics that interest them and get them excited about learning, like fashion design forensic science, or culinary arts. They give students a glimpse into the real world that doesn’t require academic papers, scientific research, and history projects, and they allow them to explore both hobbies and possible career fields for their future. Students are required a total of 70 credit hours of electives by the time they graduate, and this gives students ample opportunities to take fun and interesting classes as well as educational and beneficial courses that will prepare them for college.


While large traditional schools are often known for their unique elective offerings, online schools are often known for their lack of online elective courses. Thankfully, that is not the case at SDVS. Our list of online high school elective courses is huge and incredibly all-inclusive. You can see a full list by visiting our course offerings page and clicking “electives,” but here are just a few of the online elective courses available at SDVS: art history and appreciation, music appreciation, child development and parenting, sociology, psychology, construction, cosmetology, creative writing, culinary arts, digital photography, entrepreneurship, astronomy, marine biology, veterinary science, mythology and folklore, personal family finance, and social issues. Students may truly have a difficult time narrowing their choices down to just a few because there are so many excellent online elective courses available!


When students ask us what the best online elective courses are in high school, we often tell them that it depends on them. Who they are, what they’re interested in, and what they want to do after graduation all play a role in determining the “best” online elective courses for any given student. Some of our most popular classes involve career preparation, real-world skills, and simply things that sound “fun.” Students love that we offer parenting classes, personal finance classes, social media classes, and nutrition and wellness classes. They also enjoy our career-related courses, such as cosmetology, early childhood education, personal psychology, interior design, finance, criminology, and web technology. Some others may consider the best classes to be the ones that are the most fun and interesting, such as app development, social issues or social problems, fashion design, and digital photography. There are so many more online elective courses for high school students and they all offer the students a great deal of valuable information and necessary skills.

When students enroll in online high school elective courses or any other online class, they gain abilities and independence that traditional students just don’t experience. Not only do they learn to work independently and with self-motivation and self-discipline, but they learn to take personal responsibility for their education, including their successes and shortcomings. Our students go on to become successful college graduates and well-respected employees and entrepreneurs, and many of them credit SDVS with giving them the confidence, skills, and tools to achieve their goals with overwhelming success. If you want to know more about our online high school elective courses or any other course offerings we have for middle school and high school students, contact San Diego Virtual School now and let us get started creating an amazing future for you.