LOTE stands for Languages Other Than English. It is an acronym commonly used in schools to refer to foreign language courses, most often taken by high school students. LOTE courses are a great way to help students not only learn a new language, but also engage with a new culture. LOTE courses immerse students in the foreign language of study, but they do so by exploring daily life for those within the culture, as well as the challenges, identity, and physical location of the culture they’re studying.

When students enroll in online foreign language courses for high school credit, they learn a great deal more than just some vocabulary words. They challenge their mind to think differently and embrace something new and different from them, and they also gain insight into other people groups. Additionally, in a more tangible sense, they also gain high school credits for foreign language coursework. Since the state of California requires all high school students to complete LOTE courses, SDVS offers online foreign language courses for high school credit so that students can fulfill all graduation requirements at our school.

Online Foreign Language Courses for High School Credit Currently, San Diego Virtual School offers three separate levels of online Spanish courses for high school credit. While no other languages are available at this time, we feel strongly that Spanish is the most useful language to know at this time and in many industries, it is almost becoming a requirement. While the state of California does not require more than one year of LOTE courses, most universities across the nation require, or at least recommend, at least two consecutive years of the same LOTE courses. When you take online foreign language courses for high school credit at SDVS, you can take up to three years, with two semesters per year, of Spanish classes. This ensures that not only do you have a foundational and thorough knowledge of the language, but you also fulfill most college entrance requirements.

Online Spanish Courses for High School Credit Fluency is the goal of every foreign language learner, and LOTE courses at SDVS encourage and support Spanish fluency. The longer you take online Spanish courses for high school credit, the more completely you will know the language and use it properly. The final year of Spanish classes at SDVS includes more unique tenses and moods, a more complete understanding of certain commonly used words, and a more detailed knowledge of Spanish grammar and its application. Since fluency is the goal, our LOTE courses focus on that in each course, with varying levels of fluency achieved each year.

When students are looking for some online schooling opportunities, whether it’s for their entire educational experience or just a few classes, San Diego Virtual School is here to help. We are happy to answer any questions, share resources and information, and help you enroll in our online classes. Particularly for those looking for online foreign language courses for high school credit, we want to assist you in any way we can. We know how challenging traditional schooling environments can be, and we know that students wish to have accredited and legitimate high school diplomas even if they don’t wish to stay in a traditional school. Our LOTE courses, as well as all of our other online classes for high school and middle school students, provide great opportunities and positive learning environments for all students, and they help students get closer to graduation with accredited courses and high school credits. Get in touch with SDVS today to learn more about our online course offerings and all the amazing benefits of virtual schooling.