When a student takes online mathematics courses, he or she will be exposed to the same information, concepts, and skills that a student at a traditional school would. While the physical environment may be different, the material being taught is based on state standards so that all our students are getting the same skills and information as students attending a different school in California. Online mathematics classes at San Diego Virtual School cover the state-required subjects of algebra, geometry, and precalculus, as well as some other beneficial math classes like consumer mathematics and probability & statistics. Our middle school math online classes cover the basic math skills that all middle students are learning in California, and the classes are based on the grade and semester that the student is in.

Because all of our online mathematics courses were created around state standards, they meet all graduation requirements for high school students in the state of California. SDVS is fully accredited and WASC and NCAA approved, so our students not only get an excellent online education, but their diplomas and courses of study are legitimate and validated in the United States.

Types of Online Mathematics Classes

As mentioned above, the online mathematics classes at San Diego Virtual School are based on state standards and national requirements for middle school and high school students. Middle school students take grade-appropriate online mathematics courses that teach them the basics of fractions, planes, graphs, and more. Middle school math online classes at SDVS prepare students for more advanced math in future grades and gives them a foundation from which to grow their skills and knowledge of mathematics. Our online mathematics classes for high school students include algebra 1 and 2, geometry, and precalculus. We also have other supplemental mathematics classes that include probability & statistics and consumer math. These supplemental classes aim to teach students real-world applications of important math skills, including making a budget, calculating options for purchasing or renting a home or vehicle, learning about the pros and cons of credit card usage, and so much more. Here at SDVS, we are passionate about setting our students up for future success, both within their schooling years and beyond, and our online mathematics classes help us give them a solid foundation from which to grow and succeed.

High School & Middle School Math Online at SDVS

One of the greatest benefits of taking high school or middle school math online is the flexibility and convenience that it offers. The online environment is very conducive to learning, it’s a positive place where students and teachers support one another fully, and it gives students a chance to embrace their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses. Our online mathematics courses allow students to work at their own pace, meaning they fully understand and master the skills their learning so they can succeed more in the future. Students in traditional schools get left behind in math classes quite frequently, but at SDVS, we are committed to helping our students learn the foundational skills and the advanced skills so they can achieve greatness during school and after.

Whether your student is struggling with their traditional math class or they’re simply seeking an alternative educational opportunity, SDVS’s online mathematics classes are a great option for many students. With freedom and flexibility, along with accountability and a variety of course offerings, our high school and middle school online math classes are sure to help your student succeed and grow in incredible ways. To learn more about our online mathematics courses or to speak with an admissions or academic advisor, get in touch with SDVS today.