Online Science Courses

Science is a common favorite subject among younger students, but as they get older, students seem to enjoy science less. Here at San Diego Virtual School, our aim is to foster a love of science through students’ entire schooling experience and well beyond graduation. One way we do that is through engaging content and activities that not only spark curiosity and critical thinking skills, but also create a passion for science and problem-solving.

Our online science courses are designed with state standards in mind, but they get to the core of scientific concepts to encourage students’ participation and interest in what they’re learning. Our middle school online science classes include grade-appropriate subjects, including life and physical science, that lay the groundwork for scientific knowledge and critical thinking skills. Our high school online science courses cover topics such as earth science, biology, and chemistry, allowing students to delve farther into the fundamental disciplines of science and further expand their knowledge base of scientific concepts.

Online Science Courses Offer Flexibility

One of the greatest advantages to online science courses is the flexibility that comes with them. Students can work on their own schedules and in their own time, completing tasks when they have free time and requesting assistance whenever they need it. Students are encouraged to learn on their own schedules and in their own timelines so that they ensure complete comprehension and full understanding of the concepts. Especially if your student is used to homeschool science courses, he or she will feel right at home with our coursework and environment. With the individualized approach at SDVS, they not only get the benefit of course flexibility, but they also enjoy a positive and comfortable learning environment, foundational skills of independence and self-motivation, and top-notch teaching with incredible curriculum that was designed around their particular age group.

Online Science Classes at SDVS Are Accredited

Accreditation is a common concern for online schools, but SDVS is fully accredited and WASC and NCAA approved. Our school has undergone evaluations to achieve these accreditations, and they ensure that all of our courses meet California high school graduation requirements and that our diplomas and transcripts are recognized and validated by colleges and universities across the nation. All of our online science courses award students with credits that apply towards their graduation requirements, and our course offerings are set up the same way that other California schools are so that our students get the best education from a fully accredited and amazing school.

With any educational experience, many students have preferences and dislikes when it comes to their schooling. Thankfully, the students who attend SDVS are extremely passionate about how much they love their school and how grateful they are for the online schooling experience. From online science classes to online electives and more, our courses prepare students for the real world in a number of ways and truly set them up for success. Our students are more likely to take personal responsibility for their educational successes and shortcomings, and they learn skills like independence, self-motivation, and self-discipline far earlier than their traditionally schooled peers. The experienced staff at San Diego Virtual School is a group of passionate, driven, and caring individuals who want nothing more than to see each and every student succeed during school and afterward. Our teachers are there for their students in many ways and are always willing to give extra help or talk them through a troublesome concept or problem in class.

If you or your student are ready to begin an amazing journey of online education, get in touch with San Diego Virtual School today. Our academic advisors and admissions specialists are standing by to answer your questions and help you enroll today.