Online Social Studies Courses

Social studies classes in high school and middle school cover a large variety of topics that are necessary for students to learn for their future success. No matter what type of school a student attends, social studies courses for middle school students usually cover world history and US history, including ancient civilizations and medieval times. Social studies classes in high school will go more in-depth with world history and US history, but they will also teach on government and economics. No matter where in California you go to school or how you get your education, you have to meet the same standards and learn the same general information.

At San Diego Virtual School, you’ll get a quality education that offers multiple opportunities for personal growth, academic development, and overall success. Taking social studies courses online will give students multiple opportunities that students in traditional schools do not have, such as flexible scheduling, more personal responsibility for educational successes, and a more positive and supportive learning environment. SDVS is fully accredited and with its high standards of academic excellence, provides diplomas to students that are both WASC and NCAA approved.

Social Studies Courses for High School

High school students have a myriad of reasons for electing to take social studies courses online. Some students may be involved in extracurricular activities that require them to have a unique and flexible schedule, while others wish to get ahead or catch up on some classes. Other students may have struggled in a traditional school environment, whether because of social reasons, a learning disability, or the many distractions that come along with a traditional classroom environment. At SDVS, we offer an individualized approach with the best parts of traditional social studies courses but without all the negatives. In our social studies courses, high school students complete assignments at their own pace and with as much or as little assistance and support as they need. They can work from home, a coffee shop, a library, or on the road, as our online classes are accessible with a computer from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Social Studies Courses for Middle School

Middle school students will learn about ancient civilizations in their social studies classes, as well as world and United States history. They will learn computer skills, research skills, and communication skills, in addition to the standards-based information for the subject they’re learning. Social studies classes in high school will learn US and world history, as well as the intricacies and importance of both government and economics. They will build on their foundational knowledge of history and social studies, and they will further explore the impact that cultures, people, and organizations have had on our world. The benefits of social studies courses online are far-reaching, and they can be great for both middle school and high school students. Though middle schoolers may need a little more extra support than older students, online classes provide these young students with numerous benefits that will continue to serve them well into their future. Skills like working independently, being a self-starter, self-motivation, personal responsibility, self-discipline, and organization are just a few of the incredible things that students can learn from taking online social studies courses. High school students can take these skills with them into college or the workplace, and middle school students can carry them with them into high school and beyond. The numerous benefits that come along with online education will set students up for success and give them skills that many adults struggle with. To learn more about online social studies courses at San Diego Virtual School, contact us today.