Online Middle School & High School in El Toro

El Toro, California is like a city within a city, making it both a unique and interesting place to live. El Toro is located within the city of Lake Forest, but prior to the incorporation of Lake Forest in 1991, the entire area was known as El Toro. The area is known for its decommissioned military base, Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, as well as for a dense “forest” of Eucalyptus trees that have taken up hundreds of acres since the early 1600s. El Toro is home to a lot of big companies, including Oakley and Panasonic Avionics Corporation, which make up a large portion of the employers in the area. The entire city of El Toro and Lake Forest are great places to raise a family, and children who grow up here have access to several wonderful opportunities in terms of both education and career. For students who may be looking for some alternative schooling options, San Diego Virtual School has a big presence in the area, and your students can enroll in either online middle school or online high school in El Toro with SDVS. Our programs are fully accredited and offer students many advantages over traditional schooling. If you’re interested in learning more about SDVS’s online high school or online middle school in El Toro, get in touch with us today.


All schools will give students the opportunity to learn and grow academically, but there is a reason that school rankings and test results are highly considered when parents are relocating their families. Not all schools are the same—you know this and so do your children. At SDVS, we embrace the notion that we are unlike other schools, primarily because we stand out in the best ways from both traditional schools and other online high school programs in El Toro.

One of the best things about our free online middle school in El Toro is the positive learning environment. Even though students are not physically learning in the same space as their peers, their interactions are mutually beneficial. Our caring and compassionate teachers are committed to encouraging and supporting every single student at SDVS, and we have truly created a pleasant, affirmative, and optimistic atmosphere that all of our students can enjoy and benefit from.

Flexibility is another huge benefit of our free online public high school in El Toro. Both our middle school and high school programs have deadlines and take place within semesters, but students are able to work on their own time and within their own schedule. That means that if your student is a competitive athlete who only has weeknights to complete assignments, that’s perfectly fine. At the same time, if your student has a full-time or part-time job where their only availability is on the weekends and that’s when they do their schoolwork, that works too. Maybe you are one of the many military families in California and if your student attends a traditional school, he or she won’t have much time to spend with their service member parent. With our online middle school and online high school in El Toro, you can decide on a school schedule as a family to ensure you’re getting the quality time you want and need.

Some parents have concerns about their students attending an online high school or online middle school in El Toro because of the minimal face-to-face interaction, the expectation of easier coursework, and the application of real-world skills. At San Diego Virtual School, we pride ourselves on having a student body that is more prepared for the real world than that majority of their traditionally educated peers, as they have had more opportunity to learn, apply, and master real-world skills that will benefit them both during college and in a career. Our students learn all about independence, self-discipline, personal responsibility, self-motivation, time management, and more. They collaborate and interact with their peers on a daily basis, and they utilize critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities that they build on throughout their years as a virtual learner.


If you want more information about our online high school programs in El Toro or if you’re ready to enroll your child in our free online middle school, get in touch with us today.