Online Middle School and High School in Hemet, Ca.

The city of Hemet, California is part of the San Jacinto Valley in Riverside County. It is known for being the home city to California’s longest-running outdoor play, as well as being a city dedicated to the local forest. Hemet is home to a large general hospital and several other health care services systems, all of which employ a number of Hemet residents. Other top employers in the city include the school districts, retail trade, and the government. Hemet is a great place to live, and it’s a great city in which to raise a family. If you already live in Hemet or are considering relocating to this wonderful city, you’ve likely looked into the vast educational opportunities that Hemet has to offer yourself and your children. San Diego Virtual School is an alternative educational environment that provides both middle school and high school students with the opportunity to earn course credit and ultimately their high school diploma online. We are fully accredited and offer a wide variety of classes to help your students prepare for life beyond their schooling years, whether that includes secondary education or entering the workforce. Our online middle school and online high school in Hemet cater to students of all backgrounds and educational experiences, and we offer a great deal of benefits for your virtual learners. Contact SDVS today to learn more about our online high school and online middle school in Hemet.


Online high school programs in Hemet often rave about the flexible scheduling and self-paced learning that their students get to enjoy. San Diego Virtual School is proud to provide students with a unique learning experience where they complete assignments on their own schedules and in their own time and simply submit them online by the deadlines. Our free online middle school in Hemet is the perfect place for students with unique scheduling needs to get a quality education. Whether you are a military family with limited family time, the family of a student athlete or performer, or simply the family of a student who holds a full-time or part-time job that takes place during school hours, we are the perfect place for you.

Self-pacing is key in our school also because we all know that not all students learn at the same rate. Some struggling learners may need extra time on foundational skills, while some advanced learners will choose to complete the entirety of their coursework in a shorter period of time than required. We can accommodate a variety of learning styles and educational needs with our free online public high school in Hemet and with our free online middle school in Hemet.

Real-world skills are a key focus in our online learning environments. Both our online middle school and our online high school in Hemet are driven by both academics and personal skills that will stick with and benefit your students for their lifetime. At SDVS, our students learn about personal responsibility and time management, as well as self-discipline, self-motivation, and more. They learn to work with others in collaborative efforts, and they learn about empathy, compassion, and kindness. They will utilize and grow in their problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and so much more.

In addition to these amazing benefits, our high school and online middle school in Hemet also boast in our positive learning environments. All our students are welcomed, accepted, supported, and encouraged, both by our compassionate and caring staff members and our other students. No longer will you have to worry about your child being bullied, mistreated, or ignored by teachers or peers because we have no tolerance for that at SDVS. Additionally, we have worked hard to create and sustain positive environments that allow all students to feel supported and cared for each and every day.


Our online high school programs in Hemet are some of the best in all of California, and we would love to enroll your child today to get them started on an amazing journey of earning an online education. If you simply want more information about our free online public high school in Hemet or if you’re ready to enroll today, get in contact with SDVS now. We would love to answer your questions and address your concerns.