Irvine Online School

An Irvine online high school or middle school is a great place for students to grow personally and academically. At SDVS, our compassionate teachers, state-of-the-art technology, and high-quality Irvine online courses all present students with incredible opportunities to develop as learners, grow as people, and achieve success that they can be proud of. An Irvine virtual school experience might sound intimidating to some, but the freedom of scheduling, flexibility of class completion, and confidence that students acquire from receiving a diploma from an Irving online high school is simply unbeatable.


If you’re happy as can be in your traditional middle or high school, you may be wondering why you should even bother to attend an Irvine virtual school. Our current and former students and their parents will agree with us when we say there are so many reasons to go to an online middle school or high school in Irvine! Individualized attention from compassionate teachers, flexibility in scheduling and pacing in completing your Irvine online classes, and the incredibly supportive and encouraging learning environment are just a few of the many reasons you should attend an Irvine online high school or middle school. The structure of our classes allows students to take responsibility for their own education, resulting in confidence and pride in their own successes. This sense of responsibility and feeling of accomplishment better prepares students to take on college courses, career obligations, and more.


In addition to everything listed above, students will earn a real high school diploma from an accredited institution—for free! Our Irvine online courses don’t cost students anything if they live in San Diego, Imperial, Orange, or Riverside County. Students will gain a quality education, study and academic skills that will transfer through college and into their career, and an outstanding ability to set goals and achieve them, all thanks to the amazing Irvine virtual school teachers and their lessons that extend far beyond the classroom.


Many of our former students are excited about sharing their experience at our online middle school or high school in Irvine. They know how much the Irvine online classes benefitted them, and they want other students to have a great experience like they had. Even more, the parents of many of our current and former students are thrilled with the changes they saw in their children while they were attending our Irvine online high school. Parents saw their students take on more responsibility, grow in maturity and confidence, and enjoy setting goals and then working towards accomplishing them. If you’re looking for an online middle school or high school in Irvine, look no further than SDVS. Our entire staff is dedicated to the success of our students, and we love to see students take on challenging Irvine online courses and thrive as they grow both personally and academically.