LCAP Goals

Goal 1: San Diego Virtual School will improve academic achievement for underperforming students through a comprehensive Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) which includes academic improvement with Response to Intervention, social emotional learning, and student engagement.

Goal 2: Provide alternative diploma paths to help students complete and receive credit for assigned courses toward graduation while ensuring online learning is equally accessible to all students.

Goal 3: Provide the necessary tools and resources to prepare all students for college and career readiness. Support seniors with the process of college and career prerequisites, while providing individualized support for each student to attain their post-graduate plans.

Goal 4: San Diego Virtual School will continue to develop and implement a comprehensive support program for English Language Learner students.

Goal 5: San Diego Virtual will continue to provide and implement a long-range plan that includes a professional development program and integrate a technology focus aligned with student needs.

Goal 6: San Diego Virtual will provide a safe and engaging academic atmosphere that addresses the social-emotional needs of all students

Review of Performance
  • SDVS has provided equal access to all students by providing laptops and bus passes to students in need.
  • SDVS has continued use of robust curriculum with ongoing adaptations to best serve learners needs, additional support of counselors, as well as hiring additional teachers
  • SDVS has been able to provide low teacher to student ratio to allow for daily conversations between teachers and students
Greatest Needs
  • SDVS has determined a need for significant improvement in Math and English, based on College and Career Readiness indicators. According to the indicators, we have a small percentage that are almost prepared for College and Career.
  • SDVS is aware of a need to provide additional support for our ELL population. During the coming year, SDVS will be researching and vetting curriculum to meet the needs of our ELL population better, as well as look at EL placement and redesignation criteria.