Mira Mesa Online School

The community of Mira Mesa is the largest non-city community in San Diego. It is referred to as locals by a neighborhood, but it actually contains other neighborhoods within its limits as well. The area was established in the 1950s to meet the needs of individuals working and serving at the Naval Air Station Miramar. It started as a residential area but has since grown to include business areas as well. Mira Mesa is an excellent place to live, as the small community is just west of Interstate 15, east of Sorrento Valley, and north of Miramar. It’s home to a whopping twelve parks, teen and senior centers, a variety of unique and traditional restaurants, an ice arena and aquatic complex, an amazing movie theater, and several shopping centers. The top employers for residents of Mira Mesa include UC San Diego, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, and Qualcomm, along with several pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and industrial and commercial centers. The area has several traditional schools for students of all ages, but residents of Mira Mesa also have the opportunity to enroll their children in San Diego Virtual School. SDVS has an online middle and online high school in Mira Mesa, allowing students to get a quality education with alternative scheduling options. To learn more about SDVS and our online high and online middle school in Mira Mesa, get in touch today.


There is no denying that virtual schools are our future. Technological advances are happening constantly, and your students can have a leg up on their peers by attending a free online public high school in Mira Mesa and acquiring the digital literacy and necessary skills to be successful in any field. The benefits of SDVS’s online high school programs in Mira Mesa simply cannot be overlooked, and they should be a huge part of your consideration in enrolling your child in a virtual school.

Any student who works hard in school will learn the academic and book knowledge that they need to in order to be successful in college or a job. However, employers today are noticing a lack of executive or “soft” skills in many of their job applicants. These skills include things like problem-solving, collaboration, self-motivation, time management, critical thinking, and self-discipline. Many students struggle to master these skills, but students enrolled in our free online middle school in Mira Mesa are already adept in many of these areas. Not only do our students learn how to motivate and discipline themselves when it comes to their studies, but they also learn all about personal responsibility and how their successes or failures are only based on them.

Accountability is a big part of a quality education, but students also need a positive environment in which to grow, develop, and thrive. They need a safe place where they can share their opinions, take chances, and make mistakes, and that is exactly what SDVS offers. Our online middle and online high school in Mira Mesa has the best teachers who are kind, caring, and compassionate. They strive to create positive learning environments in each virtual classroom, and they offer support, encouragement, and patience to each and every student. At the same time, the students in our online high and online middle school in Mira Mesa are highly supportive of one another.

Another significant benefit of our online high school programs in Mira Mesa is the flexibility. Many of our students are aspiring athletes, talented performers, full-time employees, or children of military service members, and their schedules are not conducive to the normal requirements of a traditional school schedule. With the flexibility of our free online middle school in Mira Mesa, they can do their schoolwork in their free time and complete assignments at unique times in order to meet their deadlines.


When you are ready to take the leap and enjoy all the benefits of SDVS, give us a call and we’ll help you get started with the enrollment process. If you still have some questions about our free online public high school in Mira Mesa, contact us now and we’ll address any questions or concerns you may have.