Health & Physical Education Courses

Taking physical education, or PE, online may sound strange. However, for students who wish to complete their education in a non-traditional school setting, online physical education courses are just another class on their schedule. State standards require that middle school and high school students complete a certain number of credit hours of health and physical education courses, and students at SDVS meet those standards due to our comprehensive and accredited course offerings. Not only can our students take online physical education courses for high school credit, but they can also take middle school health classes online and online nutrition and wellness courses. Our health classes cover a myriad of important topics and teach students how to live the healthiest lives possible, including avoiding and preventing certain common troubles. Our nutrition and wellness classes go more in-depth to potentially prepare students for a career in a related field. No matter what online physical education courses or health classes a student takes at SDVS, families can rest assured that our students receive nationally-recognized diplomas that are approved by both the NCAA and WASC.


Online high school PE courses may sound strange, but they offer students a lot of benefits, including the ability to complete their entire high school education online. Some students are uncomfortable doing physical activity in group settings, or they may have physical limitations that make them stand out in a negative way in a traditional PE class. Our online PE courses for high school credit allow students to learn and exercise in a way that benefits them both physically and socially, and it allows them to work at their own pace in improving their physical stamina and overall physical fitness. Not only will students have to exercise at home and take detailed notes about their workouts, heart rate, and results, but they will also learn about the ways certain muscle groups interact, how physical activity impacts heart health, and much more.


We are proud to offer both online PE courses for high school credit and middle and high school health courses to our students. Each course teaches different facets of a healthy lifestyle and encourages students to embrace healthy habits and understand the importance of making healthy choices on a regular basis. High school and middle school health classes will teach students what they need to know about how the body works, the importance of and characteristics of a healthy diet, and the benefits of exercise. They also teach students about peer pressure, safe sexual health, mental and emotional health, and the proper use of medication. Students will learn to make connections between chronic diseases and unhealthy lifestyle habits, and they will apply all that they’ve learned throughout their high school or middle school health classes to their own lives.

In addition to online high school PE courses and online health classes, SDVS is proud to offer a nutrition and wellness class to our online students. We believe in setting up our students for success in every possible way, and that involves not only giving them a well-rounded and comprehensive education, but also giving them the tools to live healthy, happy, and successful lives. To learn more about online health and physical education courses, get in touch with SDVS today.