High School Credit Recovery Courses
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There are a number of reasons a student may need to complete recovery credit for high school courses, and it can be hard to navigate the best way to go about this process. It can be difficult to add more hours to the school day and balance these additional courses with regular coursework, and sometimes the circumstances that led you to needed credit recovery courses are compounded by the extra pressure. By taking accredited, online high school recovery courses, students can make up for classes as needed, while taking advantage of the flexible and customized curriculum offered at San Diego Virtual School.


We know that school can be challenging, and some students may struggle more than others or face unforeseen circumstances that negatively affect their GPA. If your student has gotten lost in the shuffle of another school and completely missed a class or two, or if your student has failed a few classes and needs to pass those courses, San Diego Virtual School can help. We are the leading local school in credit recovery classes, and we offer a number of options to help you students earn the credits they need and deserve to graduate with an accredited and nationally-recognized high school diploma. San Diego Virtual School offers a full curriculum to students, giving you options for any classes you may need to take to earn recovery credit. Courses eligible for credit recovery include all levels of English, a variety of Math and Science, as well as Social Studies offerings. Students can choose as many or as few courses as they need to help them recover credits and work towards graduation. Students must qualify for our online high school credit recovery classes, but once they do, they can begin taking whichever courses they need to bring up their GPA and meet the requirements for high school graduation. Our accelerated online high school credit recovery courses are designed for students to take them alongside their regular coursework so they can restore their GPA quickly and efficiently. However, if any students need a little more time to complete their credit recovery classes, we can work with them and their timeline by offering flexible scheduling and educational support.


San Diego Virtual School is an accredited high school, recognized by three accreditation organizations both nationally and regionally. This allows your child to earn credit towards an accredited high school diploma just like they can in traditional school, with the added flexibility and attention that comes with an online program. Our accreditation with the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) also allows us to access partnership in building our curriculums and customizing them for our students, including those who are with us to obtain recovery credits.

Your student may only need to take one accredited online high school credit recovery course, or they may need to take several. No matter how many credit recovery courses they’re facing, we are here to help. We offer a number of courses that help with credit recovery, including all levels of high school English, algebra readiness, algebra, geometry, consumer math, Accuplacer math, world history, US history, American government, economics, earth science, and biology. Your student may be able to enroll in more than one credit recovery course at a time, or they may need to schedule them at different times throughout the year, but they can always schedule them in addition to their regular coursework. This ensures faster completion of the courses and a quicker boost in their GPA, often allowing even the most behind students to graduate on time and with a fantastic grade point average.

Credit Recovery
  • CR English 1 A/B
  • CR English 2 A/B
  • CR English 3 A/B
  • CR English 4 A/B
  • Algebra Readiness A/B
  • CR Algebra 1A/1B
  • CR Geometry A/B
  • CR Consumer Math A/B
  • Accuplacer Math A/B
  • CR World History A/B
  • CR US History A/B
  • CR American Govt
  • CR Economics
  • CR Earth Science A/B
  • CR Biology A/B

If you or your child are seeking out an online high school for credit recovery courses, San Diego Virtual School offers programs that fit your needs. Our customized curriculums can help anyone who has fallen behind in their high school courses to regain that credit in a flexible, collaborative environment that offers freedom to work from the comfort of home.

Because San Diego Virtual School is a charter school, we are able to use the same funding that is used by traditional students and offer our online high school credit recovery courses for free to most students. This means that all the material you would have access to in traditional school is available, but there is more control over how and where classes are taken without the extra cost.

You can contact one of our advisors who will walk you through the process of enrollment and discuss which courses meet your needs. To qualify, students must live in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, or Imperial County and be under 19 years of age. Once an enrollment specialist verifies that you qualify, they will reach out to you to gather important information and discuss what credit recoveries are needed and how they best fit with our curriculum.

At San Diego Virtual School, we are committed to helping students achieve academic success and would be thrilled to have you as part of our program.


It can be overwhelming for a student to look over a transcript and see multiple failed classes or missing classes that they know they need to graduate. While taking a regular class over again can work for some, students often need a fresh take on a subject and an opportunity to approach the coursework in a different way than previous times. This is where our online high school credit recovery courses come in. These are not just a repeat of a previously failed class— with an individualized approach, students are given a unique take on a difficult subject that allows students the grace and freedom to more effectively learn what they need to know to pass a class and succeed in future related classes.

If your student needs assistance in completing online high school credit recovery classes, SDVS is a great place to go. We are a leader in online schools in our area, particularly in credit recovery classes, and we help students get ahead, catch up, and succeed in all areas of their academic and personal lives. By offering an experience that differs from the traditional school environment, students are not simply repeating classes they struggled with the first time, but are being offered a new way to learn, completely online. Their education will be supported by teachers who effectively communicate and collaborate with students, but they are able to work on their own schedule and in their own environment. If a student struggling with the noisy nature of classrooms, perhaps working at home or in a library will be helpful, and that is the kind of freedom that SDVS offers. Students can also accelerate classes as needed to meet any timelines they are on or learning paces that work better for their needs.

The skills learned during an online program can help students to become self-motivated and inquisitive as they prepare for college, while still having access to teachers and peers when they are in need of additional resources. In addition to courses for credit recovery, we also offer graduating seniors free college and career counseling to help them beyond their time as a student. Our commitment is to help students achieve success, whether that is in their high school education as a whole or certain classes they need to revisit. The goal of the SDVS program is to meet each student where they are at and provide resources to get them to the next stage in their education.