Online High School & Middle School in Riverside County

Riverside County is an almost rectangular county located in southern California, just north of San Diego and Imperial Counties and directly east of Orange County. Riverside County is known for its many resort cities, numerous outdoor events and celebrations all throughout the year, and several educational and employment opportunities. The primary industries in Riverside County include government, education, manufacturing, and retail, and the county has a long history of agriculture that is still very much alive and well today. Due to the booming economy of the area, Riverside County offers a myriad of opportunities for people of all ages to thrive as they live, work, and play here.

Youth and teens may find it exciting to know that not only does Riverside County have a number of colleges and universities, along with a passion and an initiative to increase college graduation rates, but they also have several educational institutions and opportunities for middle and high school students. One such opportunity is San Diego Virtual School’s online middle school and online high school in Riverside County. These programs offer students unique learning opportunities along with many benefits that a traditional education cannot provide. If you are interested in learning more about SDVS’s online high school or online middle school in Riverside County, get in touch with San Diego Virtual School today.


Our online middle and online high school programs in Riverside County provide students with incredible opportunities to not only get a quality education from the comfort of their own homes, but also to learn and master valuable skills that will help them many years after they’ve graduated from high school. Employers today have made it clear that they can train employees to do just about anything, but the soft skills that are vital for high-quality job performance are severely lacking in several candidates. These types of skills are things that cannot be read about in a book or tested on an assessment, but rather they are learned through experiences and valuable learning opportunities, many of which are available in excess in our free online middle school and free online public high school in Riverside County. Being a digital learner helps students master skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, self-motivation, self-discipline, time management, and much more. Your student will benefit a great deal from learning these skills at a young age, and they will make them far more valuable and sought after once they enter the workforce.

Schedule flexibility is another huge benefit of our free online high school and free online middle school in Riverside County. Our diverse student body is made up of those from military families, prospective professional athletes, promising and aspiring performers, and much more. All of these students have unique scheduling needs that are easily accommodated in our online high school and online middle school in Riverside County. Students can work on assignments at whatever time works for them, including nights, weekends, and during the day. Deadlines must still be met, as with any school, but our scheduling flexibility makes getting a quality education much more attainable and much simpler for many students.

Students in traditional schools can sometimes struggle to feel at ease or accepted in their classrooms for a variety of reasons. Our online middle and online high school in Riverside County are known for our positive learning environments and supportive atmosphere. Both our students and our staff members are committed to upholding an encouraging environment within the virtual classroom, and our free online high school and free online middle school in Riverside County offer some of the best experiences to students.


If you’re ready to enroll your child in our middle or online high school programs in Riverside County, don’t hesitate to get in touch with SDVS today. We will connect you with an enrollment expert so you can get the process started and get your child set up for success at San Diego Virtual School. If you simply want more information about our free online public high school in Riverside County, we are happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Contact SDVS today to help your child take the next steps in his or her education.