Online High School Solana Beach

Solana Beach is a small coastal city in California, just west of Rancho Santa Fe and north of Del Mar. The area is home to the famous neighborhood called both La Colonia and Eden Gardens, and Solana Beach also has the Cedros Design District right in the heart of the city, which includes nearly 100 art galleries, cafes, antique stores, and boutique shops. Within the Design District, you’ll find the Solana Beach Farmers Market and a music venue called the Belly Up, both of which see several visitors and residents weekly. Solana Beach is a quick 30-minute drive from San Diego, but it can also be reached via train.

The majority of residents in the area work in retail trade, manufacturing, health care and social assistance, and education. The median household income of Solana Beach residents is substantially higher than the national average, and the city has a great deal of amazing opportunities for children, students, young professionals, and older adults.

While some students in the area attend the local public schools or nearby private schools, many are turning to alternative options, such as an online middle or online high school in Solana Beach. San Diego Virtual School offers online middle school and online high school programs in Solana Beach for those looking for a different way to get an education and achieve personal and academic success. Contact SDVS today to learn more about our online high and online middle school in Solana Beach.


All schools are bound to educate kids in some key areas, but the benefits of a free online public high school in Solana Beach far outweigh the benefits of traditional schools.

Firstly, students at SDVS are free to work on their own schedule and at their own pace. They are never required to sign in to classes or meet up with teachers at any particular time. Rather, they are given a list of assignments, requirements for completion, and deadlines for each. They are then allowed to work at any time that works for them, including nights and weekends, and they simply submit their assignments by the required due dates. Students are able to interact with their peers in our online platform that allows for discussions, collaborations, and relationship-building so that they get a good amount of social interaction even while doing school online. The flexibility of our free online middle school in Solana Beach makes students and parents exceptionally happy. If your family has someone in the military or with a unique job with difficult hours, your student can spend more time with them due to our flexible scheduling. At the same time, if your student is a talented performer or an aspiring athlete with busy practice and performance schedules, we can easily accommodate that. Your child can even complete coursework while traveling so they never miss a beat!

Secondly, our highly trained and certified teachers have created the most incredible virtual classrooms. They are supportive learning environments that encourage all students to be their best and never give up. Students are willing to help their peers and teachers are always available for questions or concerns. Most importantly, since every interaction takes place on our online platform, we can assure you that students are speaking kindly with one another in our positive learning environments. If your child has struggled with social anxiety, bullying, or other issues with their peers, our online high school in Solana Beach is sure to bring an end to that.

Thirdly, students who attend SDVS leave school with a significant number of important skills that will serve them well after graduation. Employers today know that they can train just about anyone to have the technical skills they need to do a job, but they can’t always find employees with “soft skills.” These include things like self-discipline, critical thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, personal responsibility, time management, and self-motivation. Even our younger students who attend our online middle school in Solana Beach have countless opportunities to practice and master each of these skills. We are committed to helping each student thrive during their schooling years and beyond, whether that includes at college, at a trade school, or in the workforce.


If you’re looking for a free online public high school in Solana Beach, look no further than San Diego Virtual School. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the experience with us and your student will get a great deal out of his or her education. If you’re ready to enroll now or simply want more information about our free online middle school in Solana Beach, contact SDVS today.