San Diego Virtual School’s home school programs help students grow both academically and socially, preparing them for a productive and promising future. Not only do students learn the academic knowledge that is vital for their success in future educational endeavors, but they also gain lifelong skills that will serve them in a variety of applications. Employers aren’t just seeking technically skilled individuals, but are rather searching for employees who have executive skills that make them well-rounded employees. Our students gain many of these skills, including things like self-discipline, personal responsibility, time management, collaboration, self-motivation, problem-solving, critical thinking, and much more. When you choose to homeschool online, you truly set your child up for long-term success.

Our homeschooling help provides students with the resources to successfully transition to their post-secondary life. Whether they plan to attend college or begin an exciting career, students will be prepared with the skills and confidence to reach their academic and personal goals. Find out how much San Diego Virtual School can help homeschoolers receive a comprehensive, world-class education that is customizable to suit their needs and ambitions. Contact us today to learn more about how to enroll your student in our online homeschool and to get extra assistance in homeschooling courses.


San Diego Virtual School is dedicated to helping homeschoolers and other students wishing to complete their studies at home, achieve their greatest academic and personal potential. Whether you are an advanced student looking for more rigorous homeschool help or someone in need of specialized one on one attention to accomplish your academic goals, our individualized approach enables you to learn at your own pace.

Our online homeschool programs and virtual classrooms will help to increase independence and self-initiated learning and give students a greater sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for their education. Without the time constraints of a traditional classroom setting, San Diego Virtual School offers homeschool help that allows students to design their own schedules to learn anytime, anywhere, regardless of work and family obligations, mobility constraints, or any other circumstances specific to homeschoolers.

In addition to comprehensive online courses and one on one teacher attention, San Diego Virtual School offers homeschoolers many opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities. Student performers and artists will have the opportunity to receive credit for performance work, with the additional benefit of tailoring their academic coursework to fit their schedule. Students will also have the chance to participate in school-sponsored activities and events, which include social outings, field trips, visits to historical sites, and more, should they wish to participate.


San Diego Virtual School is an online public high school, which offers a personalized and collaborative learning environment for students who wish to continue their education at home and for homeschoolers seeking additional assistance with their studies. Students that are looking for online homeschool help will have access to live credentialed teachers in all subject areas through email, phone, email, and instant messaging. Our world-class program is designed to give homeschoolers of all levels access to quality online courses, one on one teaching, and advanced interactive educational technology unlike any you’ll find elsewhere.

As a public charter school serving San Diego and adjoining counties, we provide homeschoolers with the opportunity to receive an excellent education and gain valuable life skills, which will help them attain their academic and personal goals. San Diego Virtual School is a free online homeschool program offered by participating schools and districts across the state, using the same funding for traditional students. As our courses are entirely online, San Diego Virtual School offers online homeschool help that is flexible and comprehensive, enabling students to learn at their own pace and in a way that suits their busy schedules. And because our program is offered by a WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited public charter school, our students who homeschool online are able to earn a high school diploma.

If you choose to utilize our online homeschool help, you simply need to enroll your child in our program. They will register for the appropriate classes and be given access to our online platform, within which they will interact with their teachers, advisors, and peers on a regular basis. Your student will enjoy the freedom to work at their own pace, and they can request as little or as much help as they need from our fully certified and credentialed teachers.

Online Homeschool Courses

The online homeschool courses at SDVS will allow students to meet all of the high school graduation requirements in order to receive a nationally-recognized high school diploma. The core classes include English, mathematics, science, and social studies, all of which are based on the students’ grade levels and what courses they have already taken in those subjects. Students will also take foreign languages, health and physical education, and visual and performing arts. They will also take a number of electives throughout their time in our online homeschool. Our electives are as unique as our students and include options like culinary arts, cosmetology, photography, astronomy, nutrition, psychology, criminology, technology, and more.


Our online homeschool curriculum aims to meet students right where they are in their educational journey and propel them upward and onward to the next step in their journey. Because we are a free online homeschool, our curriculum is based on the state standards of California. Our curriculum covers all the requirements students need to graduate from a California public high school, but it comes with the freedom to work on your own schedule and at your own pace. As one of the top online homeschool programs in the state, we aim to help students recover credits when needed, and we offer one-on-one instruction to help struggling learners catch up. Additionally, we provide challenging courses for advanced learners who wish to move beyond the typical requirements for their age and grade.


If you’re searching for a free online homeschool, you’ve likely found a number of options near where you live. While most online homeschool programs have similar systems and curriculum, they are not all created equal and you should be incredibly selective when researching your choices. The best online homeschool will be fully accredited, meaning that the course credits and diplomas are nationally-recognized. This gives your student the best chance at transferring to another school during middle or high school, as well as getting into a college or university of their choice. With a non-accredited online homeschool, students will have to retake classes at a different school, even if they’ve already taken something comparable, and universities may not recognize their diplomas as a means for high school completion.

At San Diego Virtual School, our free online homeschool is fully accredited by not one but three national organizations and accreditation committees. One of the most prestigious accreditations we have at SDVS is through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Our WASC accreditation was granted based on our willingness to undergo regular evaluations by committee members who look at our school’s purpose, programs, and operations. We submit information to the committees and have follow-up visits regularly to ensure we are utilizing recommendations and making positive changes to ensure our integrity and growth as a school. If you’re searching for an online homeschool that maintains the highest standards of quality and accountability, you’ve found the best option with San Diego Virtual School.