Online Middle School in Orange County

San Diego Virtual School offers the academic courses and resources students needs to thrive. Our online middle school offers a free and accredited online program. Our online middle school provide students with a customized approach to learning that is combined with a flexible schedule and the support of credentialed teachers. Our middle school caters to students in Orange County and is ideal for students who didn’t receive the support they needed at traditional learning institutes.

San Diego Virtual School understand the uniqueness of each child’s ability to learn, which is why we strive to create an individualized approach for a more personal academic experience. Through the support of our staff and resources, students are able to reach their full potential both personally and academically.

In addition to an individualized approach, students can work at their own pace within a semester. Basically, anywhere there’s an internet connection, students have access to our proven and state-of-the-art technology to accomplish their educational goals.

Although students are learning virtually, they receive the one-on-one help they need from credentialed teachers through emails, phone, and instant message. Students will have the constant support they need to thrive academically and personally to promote their success in life. San Diego Virtual School also offers additional resources to further nurture the growth of our students, including workshops, tutoring, and resource centers in San Diego.

Our goal is to not only help students succeed today, but in the future as well. We make it our mission to properly prepare students with the education and tools they need to become valuable members in society. Our online middle school supports students as they continue their education to receive their high school diploma. While doing so, we work to prepare students for college and life as they enter the business world.

We work to equip students with knowledge, character, and responsibility through positive behaviors and a high level of accountability. These skills will promote the students’ education, while giving them the confidence and tools needed to succeed in the adult world.

San Diego Virtual School’s online middle school has a passion for helping students succeed for a promising future. If your child hasn’t benefited from other forms of education, our personal and flexible approach to education will have them on the fast track to success.