Online Riverside Middle School

San Diego Virtual School offers a fully accredited online middle school for students in Riverside County. Our Riverside middle school provides a customized approach to education, with one-on-one support from teachers. With our online program, students are able to work at their own pace, which is perfect for advanced learners or students who require a little more help. Unlike traditional schools, our online charter school allows students to take control of their education through unique opportunities and individualized programs.


San Diego Virtual School takes pride in helping students succeed academically and personally. This is why we create individualized learning programs through our virtual school to help students with unique learning needs. Students are able to complete their course work online, around their own schedule, and at their own pace. This holds students accountable for their education, teaching a high level of responsibility.

Although our Riverside middle school is online, students benefit from constant support from credentialed teachers. Unlike traditional schools, students will receive individual support whenever they need it via email, video chat, phone, and instant messaging, while benefiting from the advanced Academic ROADS 3.0 Learning Management System.

Our online middle school in Riverside offers extensive classes for middle school students to help them achieve success and move on to high school. We have courses that are specifically designed for middle schoolers, covering a diversity of topics, including social studies, math, science, language arts, and an array of electives. In addition to academics, we provide many life skills and additional resources for students to reach their full personal potential.

While attending our virtual school, students are required to engage and participate in their courses daily, while achieving weekly progress without the confinements of a traditional classroom. Although our courses are designed for the traditional school calendar schedule, students can work at their own pace to reach their goals quicker. Or, for students who take more time to learn, face certain challenges, or are at risk, they can work at their own pace while benefiting from the support of their teachers.

San Diego Virtual School strives to promote the educational experience by offering our students as many opportunities as possible. While attending our online charter schools, students will benefit from extracurricular activities, field trips, and school sponsored events to make the most of their time learning with us.

San Diego Virtual School is here to provide your student with the best academic experience possible to achieve educational goals while learning the necessary skills and tools needed to succeed in high school. Our Riverside middle school is here to help students in grades 6 through 8 reach their full potential. If your child isn’t benefiting from a traditional learning environment, contact San Diego Virtual School today to see if your child qualifies for our virtual school.