How to Prepare for College with SDVS

San Diego virtual school prepares all of our students for the next phase of their education journey. If you plan on attending a traditional 4-year college, a trade school, business school or other post-high school institution, SDVS will provide you with the tools needed to prepare for, and excel in, higher education.

Our student testimonials are proof that San Diego Virtual School’s support system and curriculum are great tools when preparing for college. This includes a full-time high school guidance counselor that’s available to field questions and offer advice on:

  • Potential career options
  • College enrollment
  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • Transitioning from high school to college
  • Short-term and long-term career outlooks for a variety of fields
  • And much more

Preparing for college starts long before senior year, getting regular advice for college is crucial to post-high school success. San Diego Virtual School college counseling programs support the standards of learning by providing guidance to students in their academic and personal development. San Diego Virtual School offers counselors that work with parents, teachers, administrators and others to promote learning. Counselors are there to show you how to prepare for college. We have a team of dedicated and experienced counselors who know what preparing for college means. Quality college counseling provides student with a wide variety of options. San Diego Virtual School offers counseling that focuses on the two most important concerns most graduates have:

Academic Development – Students will acquire the academic preparation needed to choose from a variety of educational, training, and employment options upon graduation.

Career Development – Students are encouraged to investigate the world of work in order to make informed career decisions.

Our school counselors provide leadership to ensure that students benefit from the same effective strategies and services offered in brick and mortar learning institutions, without having to leave the house.


Preparing for college is a multi-year endeavor. To get the best results out of finding and preparing for college, students should begin as soon as they can. Many students are now preparing for college as early as middle school, with emphasis growing in high school. Below are a few college preparation tips to get you and your student on the right path.

Start Early

Regardless of what year of middle or high school you begin, it’s important to start thinking about college as early as you can. The earlier you start, the more you can begin thinking about what you might want to do in college. No final decisions are necessary, but getting students and families thinking about college helps them to make better and more informed decisions later down the road.

By not starting early, students may feel rushed when college-related deadlines start approaching and that can lead to making the wrong decision that can cost them after they’ve started college.

Learn About Colleges

Once students have an idea about the type of education they want to receive and the fields they wish to study, students should begin to look around for colleges that offer appropriate classes. Learning about college in the early stages of college preparation can be as simple as looking online.

Visit Colleges

If there are colleges nearby, it’s always worth visiting as many as you can. Preparing for college is easier when students know what to expect. Schedule a college visit as early as you can and try to experience as many different schools as possible. Even if a student doesn’t plan on attending one of the colleges you’re visiting, it will help them to gain further perspective on the college experience and what they want to study.

Ask a Guidance Counselor

When in doubt, the best ways to prepare for college is to simply ask your school’s guidance counselor. San Diego Virtual School, despite being well known for its online options, has physical locations that students can visit. Inquire about our guidance counselor so that you and your student can learn more about colleges. Guidance counselors are highly knowledgeable about college preparation and in helping students find the right path to get started.

Learn About College Activities

College is more than just academics. While the education and academic portion of college is arguably the most important aspect, finding additional activities on or off campus is also vital for college success. When learning about colleges, find out what kind of activities are available at the school and how to get involved in them. From social events and clubs to sports and competitions, there’s something for every student to get involved in.

When a student gets involved in activities outside of the classroom, they have the opportunity to put their education to use in the real world, make friends, find potential connections with future employers, and make a name for themselves.

College is full of opportunities and it’s only a matter of knowing how to prepare for college ahead of time to make the best of the experience.

To learn more about the college counseling available at San Diego Virtual School, please call a SDVS high school guidance counselor at (619) 713-7271. Our informative and helpful college counseling experts can answer any questions you may have. Additionally, our contact page has other ways to get in touch.

Thank you for considering San Diego Virtual School for your education needs. Preparing for college is just part of the entire SDVS experience – call us today to find out more!