Virtual Schooling Resources

San Diego Virtual School offers you a tremendous wealth of online school resources that can be easily accessed from the comfort and convenience of your computer. We provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace with access to live, California-credentialed and dedicated teachers, for all subject areas, via email, phone, video chat and instant messaging. Our free interactive courses are all taken completely online and incorporate text, photos, illustration, animation, audio and interactivity, using the Advanced Academics ROADS 3.0 Learning Management System.

If you’re looking for additional online schooling information, our online school resources are designed to give you access to our comprehensive course curriculum when you need it. Our counselors will partner with you and your parents in order to custom tailor the ideal course selection for you, designed to address your unique educational needs today and increasing your success potential for the future. Here you will find the virtual school information you need to get started with San Diego Virtual School and move your academic career forward.


What is online schooling?

Those unfamiliar with online education might wonder, “What is virtual schooling and how can it benefit me?” The fastest growing trend in education, online schooling offers tremendous flexibility for students, as well as the independence to learn at their own pace. Classes begin when you log on and end when you log off. San Diego Virtual School is ideal for students of all levels and needs, including advanced learners, those who need more personalized attention, those who are unable to attend a traditional school setting and those who prefer the flexibility of online education.

Students are required to engage in coursework every day of the regular school week and show weekly progress just as they would with a traditional school. And while all of our courses are designed for a 120-calendar day schedule, similar to a regular semester, you are free to move through the material at your own pace. As all of your classes are taken online through San Diego Virtual School, all of your online schooling information is available to you through our website without the need for many additional resources, except in the case of some advanced courses. In addition to our virtual school information and curriculum, we also offer a number of offline activities, such as a graduation ceremony and other student activities for those interested.

San Diego Virtual School is a world-class program offered by an accredited, public charter school. You can expect quality online courses, California-credentialed teachers, and technology built specifically for online learning. We are here to provide you with the online school resources you need to have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, get help when you need it, and take control of your education and future.


If you’ve been asking yourself, “What is online schooling?” we would like to help answer your question. We have many resources available to you so that you have access to online schooling information. We want to help you recognize the many benefits of having your child or children attend an online school like San Diego Virtual School.

Lower Costs

San Diego Virtual School is a part of the accredited state school program, meaning that there are no substantial fees for enrollment unlike local private schools. In addition, the costs of materials and coursework is virtually non-existent as all (or most, in some cases) of the required reading and coursework is accessed entirely online. All virtual school information is available to your child at the click of a button.

More Comfortable Learning

As students are able to access online schooling information, take classes, and become educated right from the comfort of their home, library, or preferred learning area, students will always feel safe and comfortable as they learn. When students are in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable environment, their ability to concentrate or perform at their best may diminish. This could otherwise affect their grades in a negative way.

Potential to Progress Quickly

All courses and materials for an entire semester are typically available to a student and his or her family from day one. As online schooling information is all accessible over the internet, students have the potential to work ahead if possible. In a traditional learning environment, students and teachers generally must stick to a specified syllabus on when chapters get taught and tests get taken.

By learning from the comfort of their home, students have the opportunity to progress through their studies at a quicker rate when a system isn’t holding them back. When there are no other students to consider, online students don’t have to worry about waiting for their fellow peers to catch up.

Minimized Distractions

By being able to fine tune one’s learning environment, the ability to focus drastically improves. With fewer students, less noise, and fewer visual and auditory distractions, a student will enjoy an ideal environment and the ability to improve his or her focus on the topics at hand.

Flexibility to Pursue Other Opportunities

Especially prevalent for students in high school, other opportunities can more easily be taken advantage of by students attending an online school. From extra-curricular activities to employment, a student at an online school can pursue additional activities that traditional students can’t attend due to their strict school schedule. When all of the online schooling information is available, lessons can always be learned when it’s most convenient to the student or family.

Less Commuting

When all of the resources and tools you need to succeed are available online, a rainstorm that causes flooding or a vehicle malfunction won’t prevent you from getting the education you need for success. You don’t have to worry about having a vehicle, sitting in traffic, or paying to park anywhere on campus. With those barriers out of the way, students are able to focus on work faster and stay motivated in their school work more easily.

Are you ready to get started with an online school or are you still asking yourself, “What is virtual schooling?” Give us a call or send us a message and we will give you all of the virtual school information you need to make a well informed decision. Additional online school resources are available upon request.