Online high school courses are a great way to get a quality education from home, without ever having to step foot in a traditional school. The benefits of taking free online high school courses are extensive, and they include advantages both during your time at school as well as long after you’ve graduated. When you take free online high school courses for credit, you’ll not only be closer to meeting graduation requirements for the state of California, but you’ll also be acquiring important skills that will serve you now and in the future. Things like time management, self-motivation, independence, critical thinking, self-discipline, and problem solving are all skills that our students practice and master while taking online virtual high school courses with SDVS.

High School Course Catalog

If you’re interested in taking online courses for high school students at San Diego Virtual School, you’ll be glad to know that we offer a wide variety of free online high school courses that will help you advance in your academic knowledge and expand your insight into the world around you. You can get more information about the classes we offer by downloading our school course catalog. Our free online school courses for credit both enlighten and challenge each student. The San Diego Virtual School course catalog contains all course offerings, along with descriptions of each class, the number of credits earned with each course, and any prerequisites that are required to take that particular class. Additionally, our catalog of online high school courses contains information about high school graduation requirements, the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE), and a four-year planning guide for course completion.

Planning your courses and schedule may feel overwhelming, but rest assured that SDVS is here to help. Should you have any questions or need assistance with your free online high school courses, please contact a counselor.

SDVS offers online high school courses for anyone looking to advance their education and prepare themselves for a more rewarding career. If you’re looking to take your education into your own hands and need online school information, download the San Diego Virtual School course catalog and learn more about the following:

  • The SDVS 5-step approach to enhancing student performance (W.A.V.E.S.)
  • Guidance Program and Student Services
  • Online school courses
  • Graduation Requirements and Summary of CSU and UC Eligibility Requirements
  • College prep courses
  • Credit recovery courses
  • Course offerings

SDVS offers all core subjects and grade-specific online high school courses in each category, including English, mathematics, science, and history/social science.

We also offer foreign language classes, health and physical education, visual and performing arts, and a large variety of electives. In addition, our online courses for high school students include career exploration classes, career essential skills classes, and so much more. Students in our programs feel more prepared for life beyond high school and they are more equipped to move seamlessly into the next chapter of their lives than students at traditional schools.

The San Diego Virtual School course catalog has all relevant online school information as well as all online school course for the upcoming and current semesters. Be sure to check our course catalog regularly as it changes from semester to semester!