Our goal this year was to help students maintain regular attendance. When students have great attendance, students are more likely to find success in courses and graduate on time. More communication with families was made this year, in terms of providing a plan for academic success and achievement with the students. With our efforts toward engagement, our attendance rate increased, leading to academic success. With a total of 91% course completion rate, SDVS took efforts this year, focusing on positive interactions with attendance meetings and conversations, mentoring as a means to reduce chronic absenteeism, and building relationships and tools to reduce lack of attendance with our students.

Graduation Rates

Our goal this year was to increase our first-year graduation rates by 5% from last year. San Diego Virtual has the highest grad rate in the 2018-2019 school year! With a record 65% graduation rate for seniors in their four-year cohort, San Diego Virtual is working diligently to continue this increase with at least 67% or more in the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. From counselors, academic dean, teachers, and administration, efforts were made to expose our seniors to community colleges, apprenticeships, and assistance in financial aid documentation and applying for colleges. All of our seniors developed a concise plan for their next step in their lives, and were given the tools needed to move onto the next chapter in their learning path.

Course Completion

Our goal this year was for students to pass a minimum of 80% of assigned courses. In the 2018-2019 school year, our students had a completion rate of 91%, which proved individualized instruction and a clear focus were a priority. To help our students we have made sure that students are placed in academically appropriate courses. We began taking a closer look at the curriculum and we have been meeting by departments to review assignments. Our counseling staff were available for social and emotional support, as well as academic success for our students. We also hired additional teachers to maintain a small caseload which allows us to provide the personalized attention our school is known for.

Professional Development

San Diego Virtual’s focus on technology was apparent in 2018-2019 school year. With over 9 teachers receiving Leading Edge Certifications, three teachers finishing up their requirements to have their credential cleared, two teachers receiving Google Certifications, and several professional development opportunities and technology-focused conferences attended, the SDVS staff became better prepared aligning the goals from our LCAP and WASC to enhance the learning opportunities for our students.