Online Middle School and High School in Santee

Santee, California is a suburban city located in the eastern portion of San Diego County. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the county, a great deal of vacant land that is prepared for development, and several sports and recreation programs and opportunities. The city is growing substantially and has recently added to its accomplishments the installation of a massive sports complex, a huge business park, upscale housing, and much more. The city of Santee is served by two different school districts and has a number of traditional schools for residents to attend. If you live in Santee or are considering relocating to the city, you may be searching for alternative schooling options for your children. That’s where San Diego Virtual School comes in. We have an online middle and online high school in Santee that can help your children reach all of his or her personal and academic goals. We are fully accredited and present students with a real high school diploma upon their graduation, and we would love to speak with you more about offering your child the best opportunities with our online high and online middle school in Santee.


Any decent school will provide your child with the academic knowledge he or she needs to succeed in the real world. But there is a lot more than goes into a quality education than just academic growth. Not only do students need to learn what’s necessary to pass their classes and move on to the next grade level, but they also need to acquire some real-life skills that will serve them long beyond their schooling years. While some are skeptical, the students in our online high school programs in Santee get a great deal of social interaction with peers and teachers, and they willingly and easily expand their social skills during their time at SDVS. Additionally, we aim to teach students about personal responsibility and independence, skills that will help them in their time at our free online public high school in Santee and later in life. Our students learn a great deal about time management, self-discipline, personal motivation, and more from their time with us as well. These are all skills that employers look for in potential employees and that are vital to your child’s success both in and beyond the classroom.

A huge benefit of our free online middle school in Santee that both you and your child will enjoy is the flexibility. Traditional schools have strict schedules that sometimes stifle students or cause them to struggle, and we aren’t a fan of that. Instead, we offer students the flexibility to work at their own pace, whether faster or slower than their peers, and complete their coursework and assignments on their own schedule. This means that if your family has unique scheduling needs, we can work with you and your child can still receive an incredible education. A lot of students who attend our online high school in Santee are competitive performers, aspiring athletes, or children of a military service member, and they all love and appreciate our flexibility that provides them time to complete work in their own timing.

As if real-world skills and extreme flexibility weren’t enough, our online high and online middle school in Santee also provides students with the most positive learning environment you’ll find. We strive to foster a supportive and encouraging atmosphere in all of our virtual classrooms, and our teachers and students have really made this happen. If your child has been bullied in a traditional school or if he has suffered from social anxiety or learning disabilities, rest assured that he will be encouraged, supported, cared for, and loved in our free online public high school in Santee. All of our online high school programs in Santee are centered around creating this positive environment so that your child can learn, grow, and thrive at SDVS.

Learn More About Free Online Public High School Programs in Santee

If you’re ready to enroll your child in our free online middle school in Santee, we would love to walk you through the enrollment and admissions process. Give us a call today and connect with one of our enrollment experts to get the process underway. If you would like more information about our online high school in Santee, you can get in touch with us to have all of your questions answered and your concerns addressed.