There are many reasons students struggle at traditional schools. Not everyone learns in the same way or at the same pace. For students who learn slower than others, this often causes them to feel overwhelmed, resulting in a snowball effect of falling behind. Once a student has fallen behind, it’s almost impossible for them to catch up. But, at our online school, our teachers work closely with our students to guide them at a comfortable pace while helping them catch up.

Often, students struggle to learn because they don’t receive the help they need from teachers and schools. Resources are limited in traditional schools; therefore, the tools a student needs to succeed simply aren’t available. With large class sizes, teachers aren’t able to provide students with one-on-one attention to resolve any issues a student may be having. Not to mention, the after school support students need isn‘t always available. We are able to help struggling students who are facing this reality as we offer daily, one-on-one support by California certified teachers either by phone, e-mail or in person at one of our three sites. Students receive the personalized help they need in a safe and secure online environment exactly when they need it.

It’s not uncommon for students to struggle simply because they are bored. Often, classes move too slow for students who are fast learners. If this is the case, our school allows students to work at any pace they’d like, even a quicker pace to achieve their academic goals faster. Plus, we create customized learning plans after evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, allowing students to take courses that interest them to keep them focused and moving forward.

We also understand that each family has a unique situation. Some students have family or work obligations that must come as a priority over their education. For students with a limited schedule for schooling, we offer the flexibility they need to allow their family and work obligations to also include their education as a priority. Since students are able to work from home in their own time, students have the schedule flexibility they need to stay in school to reach their goals.

Our program is ideal for struggling learners and for those who just want more out of their education. Our dedicated team of teachers are with students every step of the way as they work to complete their education. The self-paced and self-directed program allows students to take control of their education with our customized approach. Students are able to have a say in their education and how it’s handled, which isn’t possible at traditional schools.

Multisensory Education

Struggling learners may simply need additional sensory information to help process the information they are receiving. By introducing additional senses into the education, struggling students may be able to learn much quicker. For example, teaching math may require counting, adding, and removing physical objects so that a child can use additional senses like touch.

As with all learning methods, when certain coursework is learned, those methods can be abandoned because the material has developed in their mind. As students learn what is most effective, they can continue to use those processes and ignore any that don’t help as easily.

If you are looking for a school for slower-paced learners, contact us today at San Diego Virtual School to learn about homeschooling options or online learning programs. We will work with you and your children to ensure that they receive the best, most customized education to help them succeed in all of their academic endeavors. Slow learning is not always a bad sign. It only means that a student may learn differently from their peers, and at SD Virtual School, we can help struggling students succeed.

Graphical Organization of Material

Some students learn best through visual representation of the coursework. Through the use of graphs, charts, pictures, or drawings, students may be able to understand or communicate coursework through drawings or other graphical representations. For example, a teacher and student may be able to work together to map out the major events leading up to a moment in history for their lesson. Students can use mind maps and drawings to get ideas out of their head and onto paper, which may help them to connect the dots in their mind and retain information more successfully.

Bridging Education

Bridging education, or scaffolding, is a process of breaking lessons down into smaller chunks. By assessing what the student already knows, you or a teacher can begin to bridge the gap between what is known and what is being learned with familiar analogies, charts, pictures, cue cards, and examples. As the course material is learned, these bridges or scaffolds are gradually removed when no longer needed.

Adapting Education

With an individualized teaching approach, teachers can learn more specifically what learning methods and instruction methods work best with your child. This option is easier on the parent as teachers will have more experience and knowledge about how to help students that struggle or learn in different ways.

Adapting education to the needs of your student can involve adding additional opportunities to practice the material, more in-depth step-by-step directions, customized homework, special projects, and more. Learning what works best for the student is an ongoing process, so the student may be exposed to different teaching instructions until the most effective method is found.

Struggling Students

When you have a struggling student, it can be difficult to find the help they need to secure their future through their education. With San Diego Virtual School, we have the ideal solutions for every struggling student, whether it be struggling learners, inability to focus, boredom, or any other factor that often hinder a student from learning.

To benefit from our online school, students need to be 19 years of age or younger and reside in either San Diego, Orange, Imperial, or Riverside County. To see if your student qualifies for our program, contact us today to speak with an advisor.

Once you have made the call to an advisor at San Diego Virtual School about a struggling student, you can further accelerate the learning process for said student by first learning what teaching and learning methods work best for him or her. Below are a few tips you can try if you want to know how to help struggling students.

Remember that not every child learns at the same rate or with the same methods as other students, so be patient as you figure out what works best.

How We Help Struggling Students

Many students struggle with traditional learning environments, resulting in a lot of headache and heartache for students and parents. It can be difficult to figure out how to help struggling learners due to lack of resources. No matter the reason for a student’s struggle, San Diego Virtual School offers schooling options to help struggling students receive the quality education they deserve to reach their potential.