How We Help Student With Jobs

In today’s world, many high school students work for extra money or to contribute to paying household bills. The U.S. Census reports one in four high school students over the age of 16 work, which is approximately 3.1 million high school students nationwide. With the average student working 19 hours per week, many students are faced with the decision of whether or not to maintain employment or finish high school. San Diego Virtual School resolves this struggle by offering free online schooling for employed students.

Research proves that working while in high school directly impacts a student’s ability to graduate. In fact, roughly 30 percent of students who drop out of school between the ages of 16 and 18 are working a variety of jobs. San Diego Virtual School helps students avoid the pitfalls associated with attending school while working by offering a customized learning experience that’s more flexible than traditional classroom environments to accommodate a working student’s busy life. Our free online schools make it easier for working students to complete their high school education while maintaining employment.


San Diego Virtual School offers a fully accredited program by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges to help students receive their high school diploma. Our comprehensive program allows students to learn virtually around their own schedule and at their own pace. As long as there’s an Internet connection, students can complete their courses before work, after work and even during their lunch breaks. This flexibility makes it easy for working students to balance school, work and family obligations to remain successful.

Our customized curriculum accommodates individual learning styles to promote academic success. In addition to core classes, our online schooling offers many elective courses and extracurricular activities to provide students with the full high school experience despite having to work.

Students benefit from constant support from California-credentialed teachers to help stay motivated and on the right track to success. Students maintain constant communication with their instructors via email, instant messenger and phone calls for a support system to keep students motivated to complete their education while working. This interactive and customized approach allows students to take control of their education.

We are dedicated to the individual success of each of our students, no matter their unique circumstances. In addition to success in high school, we help students succeed after high school with college readiness programs should they choose to attend college after graduating. We work together to help employed students stay in school so students no longer have to choose between working and their education. Now, they can accomplish both with San Diego Virtual School. Contact us today for find out more information—we look forward to speaking with you!


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