Visual and Performing Arts Courses

The state of California requires that high school students complete a certain number of hours of visual and performing arts courses to be eligible for graduation. As a fully-accredited online school in California, San Diego Virtual School is equipped to provide students with multiple opportunities to complete this requirement online. We offer several visual and performing arts classes in high school for our students to get a comprehensive and complete education and to easily meet California’s high school graduation requirements. Whether students are interested in photography, music, fashion design, or creating visual art, they have a range of visual and performing arts courses to choose from that are part of our accredited curriculum and are fully online.

Top Visual Performing Arts Classes

Since visual and performing arts high school courses are both a requirement and a favorite amongst our students, our educators put a lot of effort into creating the more comprehensive and educational courses available, particularly among California online high schools. Our visual and performing arts courses include visual art, digital photography, music appreciation, fashion design, and art in world cultures, as well as the independent study class. Each class teaches students about the elements of art, the history of art, and the implication of art across cultures. Some classes teach specific skills and artistic techniques, while others focus more on the historical importance of various artistic mediums. Each class helps students grow their love for the arts and improve their knowledge of artistic concepts. No matter how creative or non-creative a student may be, there is an excellent visual and performing arts course that is perfect for each individual at San Diego Virtual School.

Students who complete their high school education online tend to be more prepared for college and the workforce, and at a young age, they acquire skills necessary for their success beyond their schooling years. When students take online visual and performing arts classes in high school, amidst their other online coursework, they prepare themselves to be self-starters who are motivated and disciplined, and they have soft skills that employers everywhere long for in their new hires. If you or your child is interested in completing a middle school or high school education online, get in touch with San Diego Virtual School today. We are a fully-accredited, full-time, online school that sets our students up for the utmost success both during their schooling years and beyond.


Alongside electives and physical education courses, visual and performing arts high school courses are among most students’ favorite classes. Learning about art across the world or learning how to embrace different musical styles and genres can be an eye-opening experience that allows students to step outside their comfort zone and experience different cultures and people in a whole new way. Additionally, for those creatively inclined students, opportunities to create art are widely available in some of our visual and performing arts classes in high school. Visual artists will learn not only a number of techniques to create art, but also learn about the history and heritage of art and the different elements of visual art. San Diego Virtual School also offers unique visual and performing arts high school courses in the subjects of photography and fashion design. These courses are incredibly popular and well-loved by our students, as they not only teach you the artistic elements of creating gorgeous art, but they teach the technical aspects involved in artistic creation. SDVS also offers an independent study option in our course offerings that allows students to engage in visual and performing arts outside of school and get credit for their performances, art, and so on.