Our school offers a free public education to any middle school or high school student under the age of 19 who resides in San Diego, Orange, Imperial, or Riverside County. Any student who meets our basic criteria and desires a virtual school experience can enroll with us. However, the majority of our student body falls into one of six categories: military families, advanced learners, struggling students, student athletes or performers, health-related distance learners, and students with jobs.

The benefits of online schooling are countless and far-reaching, and they will continue to serve your student well after he or she has graduated from SDVS. If your child falls into one of the categories mentioned, continue reading below to learn more about how we can help you and your family make the most of our virtual environment.

  • Online School for Military Families
  • Advanced Students
  • Students Who Are Struggling
  • Students Who Perform or Compete
  • Students with Jobs
  • Distance Learners
Who Our Online Public School Helps

San Diego Virtual School offers students a customized learning experience that provides more flexibility, more opportunities, and a more positive learning environment than a traditional classroom environment. We are able to help students who weren’t satisfied or struggled with traditional classrooms. Our free online public school offers allows students to work from home or anywhere with internet access. Our program provides solutions to many of the challenges of traditional schools that cause students to struggle, such as the lack of one-on-one support and a rigid schedule.

Whether you’re looking for an online school for military families, an advanced online high school for gifted students, or an online school that meets another need, SDVS is here for you. We are able to provide students with the educational help they need or the challenges they desire, as we always strive to meet our students right where they are and provide the best individualized approach to teaching. All of our courses meet educational standards while providing constant support from our highly qualified and passionate California-credentialed teachers. Our teachers work with students one-on-one whenever necessary because we are committed to the success of every individual who attends our online public school. With San Diego Virtual School, you’ll take control of your educational experience, opening the door to your future and a multitude of new possibilities.


In order to benefit from our online public school, students must be 19 years of age or younger. In addition, students need to be a resident of San Diego, Orange, Imperial, or Riverside counties.

To determine whether or not you meet our program qualifications for San Diego Virtual School, call 619-713-7271 to speak with an advisor or fill out our simple 3 step questionnaire to see if you qualify.


Our virtual school offers the ideal solution for many students who weren’t able to succeed while attending traditional schools. With online learning, students benefit from a self-directed and self-paced educational environment, which offers great schedule flexibility– perfect for students with family or work obligations. Whether students and parents have chosen to homeschool, or a student with a family member in the military is looking for a flexible, comprehensive, fully accredited education, San Diego Virtual School can work with students and families to create a personalized educational path.

The entire learning system is student-based with consistent and effective instruction. Although attending public school online, the courses feature interactive learning that’s hands-on and requires involvement from both the students and the teachers. The one-on-one approach creates a more personalized experience as teachers are available to offer support at any time. This is especially beneficial for students who require more individualized help, which can’t often be achieved at traditional schools. We are known as a great option for those looking for an online school for struggling students as our educators will work with your students as much as needed in order to catch them up and help them succeed both academically and personally.

Additional benefits of schooling with us allow students to take a customized approach to their learning and give them the responsibility of taking their education into their own hands. As an accredited online public school, students benefit from world-class courses and state-of-the-art technology. The customized courses allow students to extend their learning beyond the traditional classroom environment with direct communication with teachers in a safe and secure online environment. This is perfect for students who need a more personal school experience and require additional support.

Many students wonder if they should get attend an online high school or if it is right for them. For many, the answer is, “Yes!” Our students work at their own pace, allowing them to either finish school more quickly or at a more reasonable pace for those who need a slower, less stressful learning environment. We are one of the top online schools for athletes as well, since these students tend to have unique schedules and need more flexibility in pacing and completion of assignments.

With our dedicated approach, we will help find a student’s strengths and weaknesses to create a customized approach to ensure their success. A student is then able to engage in his or her own education and work toward reaching goals without stressful time constraints, all with the final achievement of realizing their highest potential.