San Diego Virtual School is proud to offer a high school diploma program that is accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC). Through our online high school program, we deliver a curriculum that is provided by and partnered with Advanced. This allows us to provide customized distance learning for our students to receive their accredited high school diploma online.

If you decided to get an accredited high school diploma online from San Diego Virtual School, you’ll know that you will be in good hands for years to come. With our commitment to excellence by providing a quality education to all students, you can rest assured knowing that San Diego Virtual School has no plans of going anywhere and that your accredited diploma will be useful for many decades to come.

Contact us today to learn more about accreditation and how this will affect your experience at San Diego Virtual Schools. We are enrolling middle and high school students now and would love to walk you through the process of enrollment and registration.


Accreditation is a validation process within academics where educational institutions are evaluated by a dedicated board committed to judging educational quality at a school. Schools and institutions seeking accreditation undergo a specialized review by peer board members (including members of other accredited institutions) for their area.

When a school is accredited by the WASC, there is a lengthy process that includes an exploration of the school’s purpose, programs, and operations. The school must take into account the recommendations from the accrediting commission, and they will further clarify their purpose, assess their programs, and develop a plan of action to make improvements in their school. Self-studies are a big part of accreditation, as are visits and follow-ups from the commission. The entire process is ongoing and very stringent, and only the best schools receive accreditation from the WASC and other accrediting organizations.

If you find an accredited online school, like San Diego Virtual School, then you know you have chosen a school that has been screened and evaluated to meet certain institutional and academic standards.


Choosing a school that is nationally accredited is an important part of getting a quality education. Knowing the benefits of school accreditation can help you to make even better decisions for yourself, your education, and your future.

Accreditation brings about many benefits to the schools as they have qualified as top-notch by several experts and other institutions. Accreditation brings into question the school’s purpose, which is refined and clarified in order to ensure the local community of the appropriateness of the school’s goals and missions. It also validates the programs and transcripts of the schools by ensuring integrity in assessments and courses. Accreditation brings about ongoing improvements in schools and helps them grow in their development of programs. It also holds schools accountable for maintaining their standards and ensuring quality education for all students.

Attending a nationally accredited high school can help you secure the best opportunities for your future success. Having a great transcript from a quality accredited online school will show colleges and universities that you are committed to success, have important skills necessary for personal and academic success, and are capable of motivating yourself to always do your best in school. Getting your high school diploma from SDVS will help you get into a better college, further increasing your chances of success in the years to come.

The schools you attend and their policies (like striving to maintain accreditation) can play a big role in how likely you will be to land your ideal job after graduation as well. It’s likely that you’ll need to do a lot to impress your future employer, regardless of what field you hope to go into. Without much real-world experience in the workforce, potential employers may take a second look at you once they’ve recognized that you’ve gone to a nationally accredited high school like SDVS. Even if you don’t plan to go on to post-secondary education after high school, your experience at a nationally accredited online high school will show potential employers that you are an independent problem-solver who works well with others and can learn the skills needed to succeed in any job.