Individualized Approach

At San Diego Virtual School we offer students a unique individualized approach to education with one to one teaching from California-credentialed teachers available on-demand via phone, email, or instant message. As an accredited, public charter school we provide a world-class preeminent online program featuring quality online courses, one on one teaching, and technology built specifically for online learning unlike any you will find elsewhere.

Our one to one teaching approach benefits students of all levels who are looking for dedicated educational attention that is often difficult to attain in a busy, crowded traditional classroom setting. Whether you are an advanced student looking for a more rigorous pace or seeking specialized attention to accomplish your academic goals, the San Diego Virtual School individualized approach is designed to give you flexibility to learn at your own pace, get help when you need it, and prepare for tomorrow your way.


The San Diego Virtual School individualized approach offers a wide range of benefits to students, including:

  • Dedicated attention of a highly qualified, California-credentialed teacher who can focus on individual student help, addressing the specific needs of each student and helping them to adjust the pacing of their education to an appropriate level.
  • Strengths and weaknesses can be addressed more consistently and fully without the competition of other students for the teacher’s time.
  • Students are more directly engaged in their own education and develop a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for their own successes and academic achievement.
  • Without the time constraints of a traditional classroom setting, students can move at their own pace and not feel pressured by the progress of other students.
  • Students are able to fit their learning time around their schedule, and learn anytime, anywhere regardless of work demands, family obligations, mobility constraints, or any other circumstances that would otherwise limit their educational opportunities and potential.

San Diego Virtual School is dedicated to helping each student achieve their highest potential through our one to one teaching approach. You will feel confident knowing that you’re receiving dedicated attention from your teacher, a high caliber education, and also developing life skills that will enable achievement of academic and personal goals.


Traditional schools follow the standard ways of education—large class sizes, lectures, and a lot of self-led work and study time. While that may work for some students, an individualized approach is generally a more successful and educational experience that many students benefit from. San Diego Virtual School believes in one to one teaching, and we implement that concept and approach in all of our online classes.

Major Differences Between Individualized and Traditional Classrooms

Like the one on one teaching benefits, there are additional differences between one on one teaching and traditional classrooms.

The SD Virtual School individualized approach allows students to get their education on their own schedule, which then frees them up to do other social activities when it’s most convenient for them.

Every student has his or her own unique way of learning and even making new friends. Individual student help can be a great way to get a high quality education on a schedule that’s convenient for you and your child.

Classroom AtmosphereIt comes as no surprise that one to one teaching comes with the smallest class size possible in any teaching environment. As the name implies, the individualized, or one on one, teaching method only has one student at a time. At San Diego Virtual School, individualized teaching lessons can be taken over the internet.

Unlike a traditional classroom, these individualized classes can be taken at any time during school hours, meaning you or your child can choose when it’s best to spend some personalized time with a teacher for his or her lessons. In addition, individualized lessons can be taken anywhere you can get an internet connection. Students do not need to travel to a school to receive their lessons and can choose the best atmosphere that cultivates their learning.

Individualized AttentionNaturally, in a traditional classroom, students won’t be able to receive individualized attention throughout certain classes. While a teacher may be able to provide one on one assistance before, in between, or after classes, a teacher’s availability is a lot less flexible than a teacher who works one on one.

Goal setting challenges and realistic goals, it may be harder to receive enough time in a traditional classroom for customized goals when classroom sizes are larger.

By working with a one on one teacher, a student can receive the full attention of the teacher in order to assist in curating the most accurate, challenging and realistic goal that the student can benefit from. The teacher will be able to contribute study tips and more to provide a more successful opportunity to learn.

CourseworkTraditional classroom settings almost always come with non-customized syllabi and coursework. This coursework is chosen by the teacher or the school in order to provide a high quality education to as many students as possible.

Even if the coursework is very educational and can help students learn a lot, it’s far less flexible than coursework designed in a one to one teaching session. Individualized teachers can work with the student, learn his or her goals, and customize the information and material to better match the goals of the student while still meeting state-specific education guidelines.

Social OpportunitiesEven if schools are designed to promote education, they make for great opportunities to meet other people and make friends. In traditional schools, these classes are an opportunity for a student to make a new friend while an individualized approach may not offer the same opportunity.