San Diego Virtual School Offers Distance Learning Courses

If you’re interested in learning more or are still asking yourself, “What is distance learning?” get in touch with San Diego Virtual School. We offer online courses for students who want something different than traditional schooling and for those who want a new educational opportunity. Because of our individualized approach to education, every student who enrolls with us will get the quality instruction he or she needs to be successful, as well as access to the best and most highly qualified California teachers. Our self-paced classes are perfect for advanced learners, those who may need more time to complete assignments, or for any other student who wishes to fine-tune their time management and self-discipline skills. San Diego Virtual School offers a number of online distance learning opportunities for middle school and high school students, and we would love to have your student join us for the upcoming semester.

To learn more about distance learning opportunities at San Diego Virtual School, contact us today online or by phone. Our enrollment specialists are available to walk you through the entire process and help your student begin online classes soon.


Distance learning is where students and teachers interact from different locations with the use of technology. This may include computers, tablets, and smartphones, and the interactions typically take place via video, voice recordings, emails, and online discussion boards. While college-aged students have had access to distance learning programs for a long while, younger students have only recently been given more opportunities to participate in distance learning courses. Entire schools are now devoted to this concept and students are able to complete entire grades and even get their high school diplomas without stepping foot in a traditional school. Students enrolled in SDVS get access to the best platforms for distance learning, as well as the most qualified, experienced, and attentive teachers.

Why Is Distance Learning Becoming Popular?

As previously mentioned, distance learning programs have been growing in popularity over the past several years, but we have seen a recent surge in their popularity. This is, in part, due to the global climate and parents’ desires to see a change in their children’s educational opportunities, but it is also due to the increased availability of these programs and their numerous benefits. Students and parents alike love the flexibility of online school and virtual classes, and that is leading to more individuals enrolling. Students are able to complete coursework on their own time and at their own pace, giving them more opportunities for extracurricular activities, sports, jobs, family time, and more.

The practicality of distance learning is an important factor to consider when looking at its increased popularity as well. Students don’t have to find a ride to school or take the time to get to school, and they don’t have to waste precious time walking to and from class, sitting in the cafeteria, or taking classes that they don’t need. It helps students who may have disabilities or families who struggle to find transportation. It can also serve those who live in areas with school systems that aren’t ideal, as students can still have easy access to a quality education without having to move, travel long distances, or spend a large amount of money on private school.

Additionally, parents are seeing the development of important skills come from the distance learning that their children are undertaking. Students are learning about personal responsibility, independence, self-motivation, self-discipline, time management, collaboration, problem-solving, and much more. Another reason that this type of education is increasing in popularity is the positive learning environment and supportive atmosphere of virtual classrooms. Students don’t have to stress about social anxiety or being bullied, and they can instead focus on learning, growing, and developing themselves. They can work toward personal and academic success without having to deal with distractions in the classroom or disruptive peers. Distance learning teachers facilitate encouraging environments where students lift each other up and support one another in their coursework, leading to students who are less stressed, more motivated, and better learners. Enroll Today!

Distance Learning with Online School

In today’s technological age, it should be no surprise that just about every area of life has been impacted by tech advances. While innovative technology has been making its way into education for years, the advancements nowadays are simply astounding. One such development is the increase in distance learning programs. These are popping up all over the country, for primary, secondary, and post-secondary students. They are also being utilized at traditional brick and mortar schools as well as at schools that are completely online. Distance learning is offered both publicly and privately and can be utilized for individual classes here and there or for a complete educational experience, such as getting a high school diploma.

Is Distance Learning the Same Thing as Online School?

Online school is when a student’s entire curriculum is online and every assignment is completed using the internet. Distance learning covers a wider umbrella than online schooling as it can also include individual classes that are taken online through a brick and mortar school. However, in general, online distance learning is basically the same thing as an online school. Both utilize technological devices and online platforms for interaction between students and teachers, as well as to submit assignments. Some distance courses may be available to anyone, regardless of where they live or where the school is. But in most cases, online schools only allow students within a certain area to enroll.