About Our Administration

Administrators within the school system, especially at San Diego Virtual School, are tasked with overseeing educational policies and ensuring that the school’s operations are running smoothly and effectively. In most school systems, the administrator of a school is responsible for all teachers, support staff and students within their designated school.

Our online school administration is responsible for ensuring that the essential roles and positions throughout the school system are filled with highly trained and educated individuals who are passionate about education and helping students. Administrators manage on-the-job training for various staff members, coordinate conferences between teachers and parents, manage budgets, and supervise various educational programs.

Administrators may work with a school board within the school as well as with other school administrators and city or state officials throughout the area. In a way, virtual school administration acts as a middle-ground between the school and other officials and administrators in the region. These school boards are designed to help structure school systems in a way that will help students succeed academically, feel engaged during their lessons and studies, and ensure that they meet various state standards.

Our school administrator at San Diego Virtual School is passionate about our school and the students you enroll. Having come from a family of educators, winning numerous Teacher of the Year awards, and taking on various education-oriented roles in the community, our administrator knows what it takes to not only cultivate a successful school, but also how to help students succeed academically in current years while preparing them for life beyond the classroom.

To learn more about our San Diego Virtual School administration members and roles, give us a call or browse our website at your leisure. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions about our virtual school administration to help you make the best choice for enrolling your children in an online school.

Diahann Mathis: Principal

I am extremely honored to be leading, supporting and working with the families, students, and staff of San Diego Virtual School. I have worked in education for over 22 years in Public, Private and Charter School organizations. My roles in education have consisted of substitute teaching, general education teacher from grades 2-8th, Mathematics Coach, Master Teacher, Founding Member of three Charter Schools in San Diego, Assistant Principal and Principal. In my career, I have been honored with Teacher of the Year awards from the City of Los Angeles, many accolades for improving student achievement, as well as recognition for being at the forefront of the Charter School movement.

My education consists of a B.A. in Film Theory from California State University, Northridge, MS E.d with an Emphasis in Mathematics from Walden University, and both a Teaching and Administrative Credential from National University. I consider myself a life-long learner, and am always seeking learning experiences to grow as an excellent leader in education. It is my passion to lead a school to academic success, as well as be a mentor to students, parents, and teachers.

About me: I am originally from Southern California and have lived in San Diego for over 10 years. When I am not leading our school, I am usually found at the beach skateboarding, enjoying the sunshine, playing with my two children, cooking and reading. Some of my favorite places in San Diego include hiking trails throughout Torrey Pines, skating on the Mission Beach Boardwalk, eating amazing Italian food in Little Italy, or perusing Antique shops along Adams Avenue.

Brennan McLaughlin: Executive Director

I am a 3-time Teacher of the Year and come from a family of many educators. I have extensive experience in public K-12 and post-secondary education. My roles have included elementary and adult teacher, paraeducator, adjunct faculty at UC Riverside, elementary school principal, director of technology, director of categoricals, director of charter schools, and I am currently the Executive Director of San Diego Virtual School.

As director of charter schools for my district, I was responsible for all oversight and compliance. I have worked to develop startup charter schools, and have successfully implemented programs directly leading to improved student achievement and fiscal stability.

I am fluent in Spanish was educated at Simpson College and Chapman University. I am married with 5 children.