Gabriela Talamantes: Registrar

Hi, my name is Gabriela Talamantes and I am the Registrar at San Diego Virtual School. I oversee the enrollment process for new students by gathering all required information such as student records and transcripts. I am bilingual in Spanish and received my Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from San Diego State University. I really enjoy working in education and I’m most excited to meet all of you!

I was born and raised in San Diego and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! In my free time I like to explore my creative side. I enjoy arts and crafts projects, decorating and baking sweet treats. I also love Yoga and hanging out at the beach with my German Shepherd named Bella.

Office Staff at SDVS

Passionate Staff

We like to employ school office staff in San Diego that are passionate about education and helping students not only succeed in their studies, but also prepare for life outside of the classroom. When hiring our online teaching office staff, we like to get to know each individual and ensure that they are passionate about both the education we provide and the students we educate.

On this page you will be able to learn more about our office staff. You’ll get to learn a little more about the lives of each of our San Diego Virtual School staff members, their history with the education system, and their unique roles in our online school system.

Integral to Our Success

While our online teaching office staff aren’t teachers that provide lessons directly to children and students throughout the school, they are integral to the school system of San Diego Virtual School. At this time we have two primary roles being filled by our passionate office staff members.

Support Specialist

The Support Specialist in the San Diego Virtual School system is responsible for overlooking the administrative needs of the school and coordinating student testing and transcripts. The Support Specialist within our school system is directly involved with students and teachers throughout the school, even though they are not a teacher that provides direct instruction to students.

With the help of the Support Specialist, everyone involved in San Diego Virtual School gets to enjoy an education system that runs smoothly and effectively.


At San Diego Virtual School, our Registrar is responsible for everything involved in student enrollment for new students throughout the years. The Registrar ensures that any information that is required for enrollment (from both new students and returning students during a new school year) is filled out and filed correctly. This helps the enrollment process to run smoothly and that the school system has the necessary paperwork filed away in an organized manner.

If you have any questions about our office staff, feel free to give us a call! Diego Virtual School is an online school system for both middle school and high school students. San Diego Virtual School offers a unique educational experience for students that perform better outside of traditional school systems and for families that have unique lifestyles and scheduling demands. San Diego Virtual School offers a free common-core education in an online environment. This provides students with the best opportunity to learn in settings that are congruent with their learning preferences and schedule.

Tamara Caro: Student Support Specialist

My name is Tamara Caro and I am San Diego Virtual School’s Student Support Specialist. I oversee the administrative needs of the school as well coordinate student testing and transcripts. My favorite part of San Diego Virtual School is meeting and greeting all of the magnificent students. I love hearing about their days, goals, and inspirations.