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The beautiful city of San Diego is home to nearly 1.5 million residents, and it is known across the US as a glamorous tourist town marked by stunning beaches, a close connection with the US Navy, and a booming center of healthcare development. As California’s second largest city, San Diego sees countless visitors every year and is constantly gaining new residents as families relocate for the amazing weather and endless activities in the area. As recent growth in healthcare and biotechnology has made its mark in San Diego, residents are finding that their educational and employment opportunities are more vast and rich than ever before. One amazing benefit of living in this booming city is access to free online public high school in San Diego. For students looking for an alternative to a traditional school environment and a typical school schedule, San Diego Virtual School is available for online high school in San Diego. We are one of the best online high schools in California, and our wide variety of online high school courses makes us a top choice for many San Diego area residents. To learn more about SDVS, get in touch with us today.


Students and parents alike are often curious about what an online high school in San Diego can offer their family, and it should be no surprise that the benefits are substantial. One of the biggest perks our students get when they take part in our online high school programs is the individualized approach. Many people are under the false impression that virtual learning leads to less one-on-one time with teachers and students, and they feel that students can’t possibly receive the individualized attention and personalized learning that they would get in a traditional school setting. However, at SDVS, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our students work one-on-one with their teachers just as much if not more than those in a brick and mortar school, primarily due to the distraction-free virtual classroom we are known for. As one of only a few accredited online high schools in our area, we staff only the most qualified and passionate staff members to give your children the best instruction possible. Our teachers facilitate personalized learning for each student and are always available for individualized instruction and additional help when needed. Additionally, the individualized approach we take in our online high school classes helps prepare our students for life after school, both in post-secondary education and the workforce.

All students who attend school have a chance at getting an education, but not all students have access to gaining real-life skills like our students do. This is partially due to our individualized approach, but it also due to the incredible educators we employ and the unique environment of virtual learning. Our online high school programs in San Diego focus on teaching students what they need to know to succeed both in school and beyond, and that often includes teaching them more than just information from a book. Our students leave our free online public high school in San Diego with countless valuable skills that employers are constantly looking for, like critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, self-discipline, personal responsibility, and more. Even our younger students in our free online middle school in San Diego put these skills into practice and learn to master them from a young age. While your children could enroll in any online high school classes to work toward a diploma, they will get a more well-rounded educational experience at SDVS than at other online high schools in California, and they’ll be better off for having the experience with us.

Another huge advantage of our online high school in San Diego is the positive learning environment. In every virtual classroom within our online high school classes, our students interact with their teachers and peers regularly, and they all speak highly of the positive and supportive atmosphere that we’ve created at SDVS. We don’t tolerate bullying, we are courteous and sensitive to those with social anxiety, and we foster a safe and encouraging environment where everyone is welcome and all opinions are accepted. Our online school in San Diego is formed around the same principles of acceptance, support, and encouragement, and every student and staff member is responsible for upholding those values and contributing to our positive learning environment. Even amongst other accredited online high schools, you simply won’t find the camaraderie, school pride, and encouraging environment that you’ll find at San Diego Virtual School. Our teachers and students are all incredibly invested in our positive learning environments, and that’s a big part of what makes them so special.

Finally, the last, but perhaps most sought-after, benefit of our online high school courses is the flexibility they offer. Some of our students are competitive athletes who train for several hours per week, while others are performance artists who travel and rehearse a great deal. We also serve a number of military families whose unique schedules cause conflicts with a traditional school schedule. Your children can attend our free online high school in San Diego on your schedule, allowing them to complete coursework whenever they have time in accordance with whatever works for your family. We also fully support self-pacing, meaning that students who prefer to work slower or faster than their peers will be right at home and in good company. This flexibility and self-pacing are hugely significant for unique learners, such as those who are more advanced and wish to complete work quickly, as well as for those who may need a little extra time to finish assignments and enjoy not having the stress of “keeping up” with their peers. San Diego Virtual School is one of many accredited online high schools that still require students to complete state-mandated testing because we are, in fact, a public school. However, during the semester, your child is encouraged to work at his or her own pace and submit assignments whenever works for them, so long as they abide by the deadlines set forth in each of their online high school classes.

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At San Diego Virtual School, we are passionate about educating the next generation in an innovative and effective way. No matter the reason you are interested in our online high school in San Diego, we would be happy to have you and your child be a part of the SDVS family. If you’re ready to enroll your child now, get in touch with our admissions and enrollment experts to have them walk you through the process. If you’re interested in learning more about our high school or online middle school in San Diego, contact us now to have your questions and concerns addressed.