San Diego Online Middle School Courses

San Diego Virtual School offers flexible and convenient options for you and your middle schooler. Our online middle school offers one-on-one access to California-credentialed middle school teachers to help students succeed. Our extensive virtual learning program provides a comprehensive and accredited Western Association of Schools and Colleges curriculum that’s specifically designed for middle schoolers to advance their education.


San Diego Virtual School focuses on the success of each student to help them reach their full academic and personal goals. We offer accredited online middle school courses with a variety of customized educational resources that are specifically tailored to meet each child’s unique needs and learning style. Our charter middle school in San Diego allows students to work at their own pace, which is perfect for advanced learners or students who wish to have more time learning a subject.

Whether your child is an advanced learner who requires a more challenging curriculum, a student who requires more personalized attention, or someone who is unable to attend traditional school settings and needs more flexibility, San Diego Virtual School offers a great alternative option to help your student succeed. To attend our online middle school in California, students must reside in San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, or Orange County. Enroll here!


You may not have known that online classes for middle school students even exist since they are more commonly available for older students. However, we’ve found that students in our online middle school classes experience a great number of benefits from their online education and are very prepared for their future due to our curriculum and online platform.

While attending our middle school online, students have constant support from certified teachers who help foster their academic growth via email, phone, and instant messenger. Our middle school online courses offer a challenging and accredited program, which offers a diversity of courses that extend beyond general education courses. In addition to core subjects, students benefit from a variety of electives tailored to a student’s unique interests to help develop life skills, explore new topics, hone their interests, and more.

Through our easy-to-use online platform, students are part of an interactive and engaging classroom that focuses on support, encouragement, and collaboration. Students are able to communicate with teachers and peers through a safe and secure environment with our online platform that encourages group discussion, teamwork, and cooperation. San Diego Virtual School is known for having a positive learning environment in each of our virtual classrooms, as well as some of the most supportive and encouraging teachers and students who all work together to create the best learning experience for everyone involved.

The flexibility of our online classes for middle school students is another huge benefit that both students and parents love. Students are not required to log in to their classes at any particular times, and as long as they complete their assignments by the assigned due dates, they are free to work at their own pace and on their own schedules. This flexibility is great for those who have unique scheduling needs, such as students who are serious athletes, those who are performers, or those with family members in the armed services. Students do enroll in online middle school classes during the standard school year, but they are welcome to complete assignments at any time during the week, including on nights and weekends.

Another huge benefit of San Diego Virtual School’s accredited online middle school is the invaluable skills your students will gain during their time with us. It is vitally important that students leave high school with the ability to hold a job, be responsible for themselves, and get things done independently. We believe that it’s never too soon to start imparting these skills on our students to set them up for the most success in their future. Our students learn about critical thinking, problem-solving, personal responsibility, time management, self-discipline, self-motivation, and so much more. They become independent thinkers, self-starters, and go-getters who thrive and succeed in everything they set their minds to. We are extremely proud of all of our students and love to see the personal, academic, and professional success that they achieve after leaving SDVS.


San Diego Virtual School offers online classes for middle school students to give them every opportunity to achieve personal and academic growth. Through our customized approach to learning, we not only prepare them for high school, but we also prepare them for the real-world and life after graduation. If traditional public schools haven’t given your child the support or quality of education they need to thrive, contact San Diego Virtual School today to find out more about our middle school online courses.