How do you know if a school is as good as they say? Successful schools will be able to provide authentic testimonials from current and past students who are going through (or have gone through) the school system itself. From first year students to grads, student testimonials help you to make an educated decision on a particular school based on what other real students have experienced.

When shopping around for schools, look for the online school reviews for both traditional brick-and-mortar and online schools. Online school reviews are critical for the success of many different schools, just as testimonials help local businesses to gain credibility in their community. What you hear from real online school students will come from students directly who have gone through the online school experience.

Without these reviews and testimonials, you would have to simply take their word for their accolades, but with testimonials you can see the impact the school has had on the child or family.

Particularly when you’re considering an online school for your child, a lot of different factors can make or break the online school experience. The quality and accessibility of the staff, the flexibility of deadlines and coursework, and the encouragement and support for students to self-motivate are all incredibly important, and San Diego Virtual School exceeds expectations in all of these areas.

Students who are seeking an online school experience typically have either struggled to keep up in previous educational environments or are determined to move more quickly than a traditional school allows. Additionally, we have some students who are highly competitive athletes or whose family life requires a flexible schedule for their education. At SDVS, our teachers are able to help all types of students get the help they need, expand their learning in brand new ways, and encourage success in each individual, regardless of their past academic accomplishments or challenges. Our student testimonials truly speak for themselves, and we are so proud of our students for working hard and appreciating the great online school environment that they get to be a part of.

How Virtual School Helps Students Succeed

Online virtual schools are tremendously helpful to many students and their families all across San Diego. With the virtual school student testimonials below, you can get a feel for how San Diego Virtual Schools has helped them and how they can help your child, too.

Read below to see what our students at San Diego Virtual School have to say about their experience at our online school. Our online school reviews come straight from the students themselves!


Tessa T.

“Before I was enrolled into San Diego Virtual School, I had a hard time in class. It was too slow paced and I would just get so bored and lose interest in everything. With San Diego Virtual, I have been able to work at my own pace with my own schedule and it allows me to spend more time studying the things that I love and keeping me highly involved and interested. The staff at San Diego Virtual are wonderful and are always there when I need help with anything. They help me schedule my assignments, keep me on track, and even help me plan for my future!! :)”

Kaitlyn M.

“For a long majority of my life, I have struggled to keep my grades from falling. My parents believed in me, but in my old school, the teachers all shook their heads saying “She’s unsuitable” “What’s is wrong with her?” It really hurt me to receive such bad input, until my mom found San Diego Virtual. They were fairly new, and that worked for me because I would be learning how everything worked alongside them. My favorite teacher that I check in with everyday is a really inspiring and motivated teacher. She has helped me reach a higher GPA than what I had in my last school, and I got my first A ever! San Diego Virtual School’s mission is to help students who have a hard time learning and help give them the benefits of education they need to succeed in the school, everyday.”

Alejandra Z.

“Hello my name is Alejandra and I’ve been at San Diego Virtual for two years now, this is my last year here. My experience at San Diego Virtual has been amazing it has taught me to become even more responsible and independent. I love how I could work on my own and also work at my own pace. The teachers at San Diego virtual are awesome! they are super nice and helpful they’re always there to help and lead you through the way, there’s also 24/7 support so whenever you need it they are there. I love being at San Diego Virtual they have taught me so much and even helped me get into college its such an great school!”

Rosalina M.

“SDVS has helped me realize my potential in so many ways, without the support from my awesome teacher I have no idea where I would be today!”

Cecilia H.

“As a student, I really enjoyed my experience at SDVirtual School. I found it great, especially for those students with a busy schedule. For one thing, every teacher is very accessible.Teachers are always available to help with anything; assignments, tests, or even computer problems. My teacher is always updating me with my schedule for the week and is also emailing and updating my parents with everything including number assignments I’ve done, how I’m doing in my classes, or any extra credit assignments. It is also very easy to go to the school and physically get help academically or even computer wise. Something I do find to be a little challenging is socializing with other kids if you don’t really have a club or another class you go to. Overall, my experience at SDVirtual School was very pleasant.”


As you can see, SDVS is a place like no other. Our teachers are not only available whenever our students need them, but they go above and beyond to help students stay accountable, to encourage them in their progress, and to assist them in achieving their academic goals in any way they can. The online school experience is incredibly unique, and it provides an amazing opportunity for many students to learn how to self-motivate, grow as individuals, and create success for themselves, all within a supportive and encouraging community of passionate and committed educators.

To get your child involved in the online schooling experience, all you have to do is contact us to get started. Online schooling is a tremendous resource to students all over San Diego. With the flexibility of their learning schedule, freedom to take lessons in an environment that is conducive to their preferences, and the ability to choose educational pacing, online schools have grown in popularity. Online virtual school, when combined with physical locations, can provide a home-run experience for students with all learning styles and families with unique life schedules.

With an online school, you won’t have to worry about missing school because of a family event or a special vacation. All you have to do is change when your student takes their lessons, homework and tests. Thankfully, all of these are flexible and can be done at your family’s leisure. As long as students complete courses and material by deadlines set by the school’s syllabus, your student can work as quickly or slowly as they prefer on a schedule that’s convenient for your entire family.

Have a testimonial you would like to add to our Student Testimonials above? Have more questions about the online school experience? Have questions about how San Diego Virtual School can help your child succeed academically and for life beyond high school? Give us a call today or send us a message and we will be happy to help you in whatever way that we can!