About the Science Department

Are you looking for reliable high school science courses online? Look no further than our online high school, San Diego Virtual School! We are happy to provide high school science classes that meet state standards while giving you and your family the entire flexibility to learn, study and test on a schedule that is convenient for you.

We have a variety of different online high school science classes to meet different academic needs while catering to students that enjoy studying various science classes. We know it can be difficult to find courses that are reliable, meet all the necessary state standards, while still challenging students to meet their highest academic goals.

At SDVS, our San Diego online science teachers are driven to helping each student succeed and your child will be no different.

Enjoy the Flexibility of an Online High School

San Diego Virtual School is an online school that promotes flexibility to allow students with different backgrounds and families with unique lifestyles to attend school in a manner that fits with their schedule. Online schools and online courses has been growing in popularity for the flexibility that they provide.

When a student visits a traditional high school they are restricted to the hours that the school sets, while an online high school (like San Diego Virtual School) allows a student to pick when they choose to study and where. Students do not need to be present at the school in order to get the same education as their peers. Teachers are available both online and at the school itself to provide education and teaching in a manner that best meets each student’s needs.

Learn more about San Diego Virtual School on our website or send us a message with any questions that you have. Find free science courses in San Diego at SDVS and find the high school science courses online that will help your child succeed academically for the years to follow after high school. Get started today and schedule your first online science class!

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